Head mobile computerized quilting machine with high precision

Automatic computerized quilting machine
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A head-mobile computerized quilting machine is an advanced sewing machine for stitching various kinds of quilts, mattresses, blankets, and so on. Controlled by the computer system, the single-needle computer quilting machine produces accurate patterns of a great variety of shapes, suitable for batch quilting of cotton quilts, wool quilts, silk quilts, duvets, comforters, mattresses, etc. The automatic computer quilting machine has the features of high precision, diverse and adjustable patterns, high speed, and no noise. There are small and large types of computerized single-head quilting machines for the options of users in textile processing workshops and plants.

Scope of application

The computerized quilting machine has wide applications, which include the processing of mattress fabric, quilt, comforter, duvet, leather sofa mattress, bed mattress, cushion, leather cushion, footpad, blanket, thin cotton quilt, thermal insulation quilt, etc.

Large automatic-feeding computerized quilting machine

The large type of automatic-feeding computerized quilting equipment can realize fully automatic operation with high speed and output, suitable for medium- or large-sized textile processing factories.

Structure features

  1. Adopting the large rotary shuttle, the machine does not need to change the bottom thread frequently. It runs at high speed and has high efficiency, which greatly reduces the wire breakage rate.
  2. Comprehensive automatic functions: automatically stop while thread breaks, and automatically find the right position, automatically conveying the material, automatic clamping straight mechanism, automatic thread trimming, automatic jump quilting, automatic cutting blade.
  3. The computer with strong memory can accurately quilt all kinds of complex graphics. During intermittent startup, it can maintain the continuous quilting of patterns.
  4. Servo motor control is adopted, with high precision and larger output.
  5. The automatic oil supply system can effectively lubricate the parts of the machine head and prolong the service life of the machine.
Computerized quilting equipment
Computerized Quilting Equipment
Computerized quilting machine structure details
Computerized Quilting Machine Structure Details

Outstanding characteristics

  • Automatic feeding, drawing, quilting and cutting functions.
  • Automatic thread cutting, thread breaking detection, thread mending function.
  • The needle distance can be selected, the angle can be corrected, and the pattern can be reduced and enlarged.
  • It has 360° independent quilting function and can quilt a variety of patterns. Professional design software can design various patterns. Any text and pictures in the template can be modified, copied and deleted, and more pictures and text descriptions can be added.
  • Jump quilting: various jump quilting operations can be carried out.
  • Adjustable presser foot: the presser foot of the full mobile computerized quilting machine can be adjusted according to the thickness of the material
  • Low noise and vibration, accurate, stable and reliable operation
Computer controlled quilting machine
Computer Controlled Quilting Machine

Technical data

Number of headSingle head
Machine footprint10*3.5* 1.6m
Sewing speed2500-3000rpm
Sewing thickness7-8cm
Quilt width2.4m
Pattern formatDST or DAT
Voltage220V/380V, 50-60hz
Technical parameter of automatic-feeding quilting machine

Working video of computer quilting machine

The following is the video of a highly automatic computer quilting machine with automatic feeding and cutting functions.

Small scale computerized single-needle quilting machine

This type of single-head mobile quilting machine is also an automatic computer quilting machine, which is suitable for small or medium textile processing plants.

Small scale computerized quilting machine
Small Scale Computerized&Nbsp;Quilting Machine

Highlights of head mobile computerized quilting machine

  • Pattern storage function: Users can store and add patterns to the machine. Its operation is simple, convenient, and fast.
  • Thickness adjustment function: adjustable depth of the seam.
  • Stitching setting function: reliability, uniform stitching.
  • Rotary shuttle function: it can effectively prevent the break of the thread.
  • Thread breakage detection function.
  • Information display function: screen spindle speed, production statistics, reasons for faults etc. can be shown on the computer screen. 
  • Automatic shutdown function: computer, motor, the machine will automatically stop in case of the occurrence of abnormal phenomena.
  • Seam reinforcement function: after opening reinforcement spinning function, automatic sewing machine can needle back and forth at a particular point.
  • Memory function: When the power is off, computer sewing machine can automatic make reasonable adjustment to ensure the continuity of pattern.


Product head featuressingle head, single needle, double lock type line mark, big rotary shuttle
Needling speed2200r/min
Machine dimension3*2.8*1.1m
Model of needle18-22#
Voltage and power220V, 1.5KW
computer sewing machine specification

We also offer another type of automatic quilting machine, the Multi-Needle Linear Quilting Machine.

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