Textile Waste Recycling Machine Is Ready for Russia

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Shuliy factory customized and exported a 200kg/h textile waste recycling machine for a small fabric recycling plant in Russia, including openers and cleaners, adapting the solution to the customer’s existing equipment, completing the customization of the voltage plugs, and the equipment is ready to be shipped to strengthen the customer’s recycling capacity.

Fiber opener and cleaner
fiber opener and cleaner

Customer profile for inquiring of textile waste recycling machine

A small Russian processing plant focusing on fabric recycling is dedicated to converting used clothing and other textile waste into recycled fibers for resupply to textile mills.

To efficiently process specific raw materials, the customer turned to Shuliy’s factory and shared photos of the plant’s current condition, which facilitated a quick match of machine models.

Textile recycling solutions for Russia customer

In view of the customer’s needs, Shuliy initially recommended a three-piece set consisting of a fiber cutter, opener, and cleaner, but quickly adjusted the proposal after learning that the customer already had a fiber cutter.

After an in-depth exchange of ideas, the two sides finalized a combination of a three-roller cleaner with a capacity of about 200 kg/hour, and the Shuliy factory also customized the machine’s voltage and plug configuration according to the Russian power grid standards.

Completed textile recycling line
completed textile recycling line

Order fulfillment and shipment

At present, this set of tailor-made textile waste recycling machines has been completed, the customer has settled the payment and is expected to depart for Russia tomorrow, helping the textile recycling factory to improve the efficiency and capacity of resource recycling, and jointly promoting the sustainable development of green textile industry chain.