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Shuliy Machinery Co. LTD

Shuliy Machinery is an enterprise mainly producing environmental protection machinery, food machinery, packaging machinery, agricultural machinery, etc.

Shuliy Machinery has always been firmly believe that “science and technology is productivity”, in line with this concept, the company has a number of excellent mechanical experts, such a team with a strong new product development ability and the improvement of traditional mechanical capability, in recent years, experts of traditional mechanical optimization improvement, such as with practical give priority to, make the mechanical design more human, more simple and easy to operate, and has a variety of models, can meet the different needs of customers.


Fiber cutting, cleaning, packaging and recycling integrated solution

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The best recycling line of textile and cotton waste

Disused cotton is produced in everyone’s daily life. And with the promotion of resource recycling, the waste textile and cotton has an effective way to recycle and process. Next, we will have a deeper understanding of the cotton waste recycling line.

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How to choose a suitable line for your textile recycling work?

Disposing of waste textiles is not standardized, which will bring a great burden to the environment. Therefore, the textile recycling business has been vigorously promoted in recent years. So, if you want to carry out a new business of textile recycling, how should you choose an appropriate textile recycling line to have a higher commercial value?

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Used clothes cutting machine for sale

Recycling old clothes has been strongly advocated. Used clothes cutting machine is a kind of special machine for all kinds of fabric cutting, can be uniform, efficient to cut the waste clothes, is also an essential machine in clothing recycling processing.

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Which cutting machine is best for fabric?

Fabrics are generally made of yarns that are intersected, wound, or joined in various ways. That is when many yarns join together to form a stable relationship to form a fabric. Different fabrics differ in many aspects such as texture, material, and hardness.

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Daily maintenance of fiber opening and clearing machine

The fiber opening and clearing machines are special equipment for recycling and processing waste fabrics. The daily maintenance of the fiber opening and clearing machine also determines the long-term stable operation of the equipment, as well as the working efficiency of the machine. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the maintenance of the machine.

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