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Shuliy Machinery Co. LTD

Shuliy Machinery is an enterprise mainly producing environmental protection machinery, food machinery, packaging machinery, agricultural machinery, etc.

Shuliy Machinery has always been firmly believe that “science and technology is productivity”, in line with this concept, the company has a number of excellent mechanical experts, such a team with a strong new product development ability and the improvement of traditional mechanical capability, in recent years, experts of traditional mechanical optimization improvement, such as with practical give priority to, make the mechanical design more human, more simple and easy to operate, and has a variety of models, can meet the different needs of customers.


Fiber cutting, cleaning, packaging and recycling integrated solution

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Commercial polyester fiber cutting machine/cutter

Polyester fiber cutting machine is used for polyester fiber cutting commercial equipment. Because polyester fiber itself has good wrinkle resistance and high elastic recovery ability. If you do not use the professional shear machine, it is difficult to cut it evenly and thoroughly.

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Recycled fiber opening machine investment instructions

A recycled fiber opening machine is a kind of equipment used for fiber recovery and reprocessing. Which mainly includes waste cloth scraps, old cotton, clothing, and so on. The wide range of processing materials makes it play an important role in the field of recycling. It is a necessary recycling and processing machine in various textile recycling production lines.

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How can I start a textile waste recycling business?

In recent years, the textile waste recycling business has attracted more and more attention. The strong advocacy of recycling can not only turn waste into treasure but also greatly alleviate the pollution of the environment. So if we want to start a textile waste recycling business, how should we do it?

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Automatic opening carding machine sent to Bangladesh

An automatic open carding machine is a special equipment for textile recycling and processing. The customer from Bangladesh and our company have reached a friendly cooperative relationship through multi-directional communication. We have also sent this automatic open carding machine to the customer.

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Waste cloth recycling plant in Indonesia

In recent years, Indonesia is very worthy of learning from waste cloth recycling. And waste cloth recycling plant is widely used in the field of fabric recycling in Indonesia. This kind of recycling line can make the waste cloth go through a series of steps to process and recover the use-value.

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Widely used glass fiber waste cutting machine

Glass fiber is a kind of inorganic non-metallic material with excellent performance. Which has the advantages of good insulation, heat resistance, good corrosion resistance, and high mechanical strength. It is widely used in many fields such as composite materials, insulation and heat preservation materials, electric roadbed board, and so on. But waste fiberglass can be difficult to dispose of, which requires the help of a glass fiber waste cutting machine.

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