60T Vertical Cardboard Baler Shipped for Chile

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In Chile, a well-established medium-sized scrap recycling plant is facing an urgent need to expand its business. The plant, which handles cardboard, clothing, and metal scrap, has had three hydraulic balers in stable operation for more than three years. With the increasing volume of recycling, there was an urgent need to introduce a new hydraulic baler, especially for efficient compression baling of large quantities of cardboard boxes.

Shuliy's hydraulic balers
Shuliy’s hydraulic balers

60t vertical cardboard baler machine was recommended

Facing this demand, the sales consultant of the Shuliy plant responded quickly and recommended a vertical cardboard baler with a pressure of up to 60 tons based on the type of cartons and the average daily volume of waste paper handled by the customer. With its powerful compression capacity and high operating efficiency, this machine was the ideal choice to solve the customer’s current problem.

60t vertical baler machine
60t vertical baler machine

Why Shuliy’s vertical baler price is higher?

However, after receiving the quotation, the customer commented that the price was a bit high and asked if there was any room for a discount. In response to the customer’s questions, Shuliy Factory patiently explained the rationale behind the pricing of the vertical cardboard baler machine: the thickness of the steel we chose exceeds the industry average, which directly contributes to the higher cost, but it also means that the machine’s structure is stronger and its service life is much longer.

In the long run, this saves the customer a lot of maintenance and replacement costs. Given this, we did not directly reduce the offer, but decided to give a batch of original spare parts to show our sincerity.

Baler machines in stock
baler machines in stock

Order placement and deposit payment

After in-depth communication, the customer agreed with Shuliy factory’s concept of focusing on product quality and long-term benefits, and decided not to judge the heroes by the price, but rather the cost-effectiveness of the equipment and follow-up services. Therefore, the customer quickly paid the deposit, showing full trust in the Shuliy brand and products.

At present, the 60-ton vertical cardboard baler, which carries the trust and expectations of both sides, has been successfully loaded onto the ship and is crossing the ocean to Chile. This is not only a simple export of equipment, but also another example of the Shuliy factory working hand in hand with overseas customers to promote the development of the circular economy.

Vertical cardboard baler packing
vertical cardboard baler packing