How to achieve harmless reuse of waste fabric?

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A lot of waste fabrics and clothes need to be recycled every year in many countries. So how are waste fabrics recycled? It would be a good choice to start a recycling business with fabric fiber recycling equipment.

The importance of recycling waste fabrics

As people’s living standards continue to improve, clothes are becoming a fast-moving consumer product. The frequency and quantity of clothes that people buy is increasing, therefore, the discarding and elimination of clothes are becoming very common.

According to statistics, the textile industry accounts for 10% of the world’s total carbon emissions, and is the second most polluting industry in the world. China produces and consumes about 20 million tons of used clothing every year.

In life, most people choose to dispose of used clothes as garbage, which can be reused by less than 10%. Those discarded clothes may take more than 10 years to decompose, if all discarded will cause a lot of waste as well as environmental pollution.

Waste fabrics
waste fabrics

Turning used clothing into trash can be a huge hazard. However, almost 100% of all clothing can be recycled. The Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) has previously estimated that for every 1 kg of waste textile used wisely, 3.6 kg of carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced, 6,000 liters of water can be saved, and 0.3 kg of fertilizer and 0.2 kg of pesticides can be used less.

While old clothes are discarded as garbage, if they are incinerated, while consuming energy such as coal and electricity, a large number of pollutants are produced, including carbon dioxide and ash after combustion. If in the form of landfills are roughly disposed of, not only occupy the land, the harmful substances produced also pollute the soil and water.

How to realize the harmless reuse of waste fabrics?

Nowadays, all recycled fabrics are transported to the sorting and processing center for comprehensive processing. The recycled clothes will be placed in different recycling frames according to the color and newness.

The brighter color fabrics will be used fabric fiber recycling equipment by crushing, open cotton, spraying flame retardant and other processing, made of vegetable shed insulation, car insulation cotton and other products. And light-colored, solid-colored old clothes will be transported to some fabric processing plants, made into recycled yarn and other raw materials.

Recycled yarn
recycled yarn

Used and waste clothing recycling usually goes through sorting, transportation, crushing, cotton opening, spinning and other processes. The processed material can be made into recycled fiber and used in industry, agriculture, construction industry and other fields. Such as the manufacture of car decoration, floor mats, heat and sound insulation materials, agricultural field shed mulch, artificial turf bottom weave, as well as cushions, stuffing for plush toys.

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