What can be made from the recycled textile fibers?

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A large amount of waste clothing and other fabric waste, if directly incinerated, will not only pollute the environment, but also cause a waste of resources. In fact, the recycled fibers treated by the Cotton Waste Recycling Machine have many uses and can be processed into various recycled products.

Waste cloth for recycling
waste cloth for recycling

What can be done with the recycling of waste textiles?

After processing by a series of Cotton Waste Recycling Machines, the fabric fibers can be sorted according to different materials, colors, lengths, etc. and then recycled separately.

Reprocessing fiber fabric

Recovered wool fibers are generally longer in length, can be directly spun and woven into coarse spinning fabric or woven wool pants, by this waste wool production of coarse spinning tweed or wool pants whose quality is not inferior to the original wool production. For the longer fiber length of recycled wool fibers can also be mixed with other good fibers, using ring spinning or rotor spinning, friction spinning and parallel spinning machine can be spun yarn can be used to make home fabrics, industrial fabrics, filter materials and a variety of wool blankets, fabrics, clothing lining, etc.

Reprocessed fiber nonwovens

This is the most widespread field of fiber recycling, mainly used in industrial and agricultural production and various fields of life. Due to the short production process of nonwovens, low cost and good adaptability to raw materials, the processing of textile waste for nonwovens is gradually expanding. For some chemical fiber staple fiber can be processed into needle felt and other nonwoven fabrics used as sound insulation network in cars, car seat lining, carpets, etc. It can also be used as decorative items for furniture industry, geotextiles for civil engineering industry, filtration products, etc.


Reprocessed fiber filler

For some poor quality, short length of recycled fiber after appropriate treatment can be used as filler material. Such as heat insulation, sound insulation layer of materials, but also can be used as a polyester foam pad on the sports field filler.

Recycled cellulose fibers

Recycled waste cotton can be used as the raw material of viscose fiber. Recycling of waste textiles is an emerging industry with abundant resources, low investment and significant benefits. It can not only alleviate the current situation of resource shortage in the textile industry, but also reduce the pollution caused by textiles to the environment, with great economic and social benefits.