6 factors affecting the opening effect of multi-roller fiber opener

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Multi-roller fiber opener machine is mainly to loosen fiber, cotton, textile, and other materials. It can loosen the large tangled fibers into small pieces or bundles by tearing, while in the process of loosening accompanied by mixing and fiber and fiber decontamination effect.

In the actual working process, we often have poor opening effect of fiber opening machine due to improper operation. We Shuliy factory summarized 6 common factors that affect the opening effect of the openers, hope it will help you to use the fiber opener machine correctly.

Opened fiber with fiber opening machine
opened fiber with fiber opening machine

Why do we use fiber openers?

Spinning with a variety of fiber raw materials, such as raw cotton, wool, chemical staple fibers, and cotton, hemp, polyester, rags, etc., mostly in the form of pressure bundles into the package into the textile mill. Raw material packing density is generally 200 ~ 650 kg / m 3. China’s raw cotton packing density of about 330 ~ 400 kg / m 3.

In order to spin good quality yarn, the first need to loosen the raw materials, and remove all kinds of impurities, for uniform mixing. The loosening quality of the fiber raw material has an important impact on the quality of semi-products and yarns, as well as the saving of materials and so on. Therefore, a high-quality fiber-opening machine is necessary for many textile mills.

Multi-roller fiber opener for commercial use
multi-roller fiber opener for commercial use

Main factors affecting the fiber opening effect

  1. Quantitative feeding into the openers. Feed into the open machine fiber should be the right amount because when feeding more fiber, the fiber has not had time to be pricked roller conveyor is brought into the fan. Under the action of the airflow, fiber, and fiber, fiber bundles and fiber bundles will rub each other, the formation of larger fiber bundles. This not only does not play the effect of opening but also increases the inter-fiber entanglement, affecting the effect of multi-roller fiber opening machine opening. Therefore, we should pay attention to the feeding amount of the openers and spread the raw materials evenly on the feeding curtain.
  2. Feeding roll spacing. When the multi-roller fiber opener‘s feeding roll spacing is large, it will seriously affect the effect of fiber opening. This is because the spacing between the rolls increases, and the grip of the rolls on the fiber will be reduced. So that the fiber bundle in the sting roller drive is easy to pull away from the roller-embedded mouth, and can not play the effect of opening. On the contrary, if the spacing is too small, the feed material will be very small, affecting the rate of opening.
  3. The spacing between the needle teeth between the feed roller and the felting roller. This spacing should be based on the length of the open fiber to determine. If the spinning fiber length is long, the spacing can be larger; if the spinning fiber length is short, the spacing should be smaller, the specific size of the spacing should be based on the length of the fiber and production experience to control.
  4. Speed of stabbing roller. In production, if the speed of the roll is very fast, feed raw materials per unit length of the number of times the opening increased, the opening force is also correspondingly increased, and thus the opening effect is enhanced. However, with the increase in the speed of the roll, the fiber is easy to be torn in the high-speed rotation of the roll. Therefore, in the process of loosening, especially in the fiber block and loosening resistance is larger, the speed of the roller should not be too large.
  5. Fan speed. The speed of the fan should be correctly selected. If the fan speed is too large, the fiber blocks will be sucked away by the fan before they have time to be opened. If it is too slow, the fibers will not be transferred in time and will be easily rubbed into fiber blocks, affecting the effect of opening.
  6. The state of the prick roller needle. The teeth of the needle should be very sharp, and can well puncture the fiber, into the fiber for opening. Therefore, we need to ensure that the needle teeth of the multi-roller fiber openers are smooth and the needle surface is flat to prevent the fiber from hooking and affecting the opening effect.
Shuliy fiber opening machines for sale
Shuliy fiber opening machines for sale