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A fiber opener is a kind of waste textile cotton recycling machine, used for various polyester fiber, wool spinning, cotton, fur, textile waste, yarn, waste clothing, textile scraps, non-woven fabrics, and so on. People often use the fiber opener machine to release fibers, cotton, textiles, and other materials. The fiber opening machine can make the large entangled fibers get loose, and become small pieces or bundles by tearing. In the process of releasing, the fiber carding machine also involves the functions of mixing and removing impurities.

Main functions of the fiber opener

Tearing function

By the relative movement of two machine parts with angle nails and needle teeth on the surface, the fiber blocks in the raw material is torn and loosened.

Loosing function

The fiber opening machine uses the high-speed rotary punching device to strike the feeding fiber material so as to further loosen the fiber block and remove impurities.

Impurity removal function

The degree of looseness of raw fiber material directly affects the removal of impurities in the raw material. Generally, in the initial stage of opening, the cotton carding machine separates large impurities and small adhesion impurities in the raw material easily. With the further opening, some of the impurities are removed.

Features of fiber carding machine

  • Low cost and high efficiency. The machine is powerful with the opening efficiency 15%-20% higher than similar products.
  • Safe and convenient operation. The whole machine is fully enclosed, with its own protection device
  • Strong durability and long service life. The machine is made of high quality steel with corrosion resistance.
  • Compact size and space-saving.
  • Simple operation and labor-saving. The operator only needs to place the material at the feeding port. The material will be more full and more elastic after opening, which can save a lot of materials, greatly improve the production efficiency, reduce the production cost, and improve the competitiveness of the product.
  • Suitable for various kinds of fiber materials. The fiber opening machine is used to process all kinds of long and short fibers such as wool, yarn, fabric, hemp, polyester fiber, cotton, fur, textile fiber, waste garment, old clothes, etc.
Various kinds of waste fiber
Various Kinds Of Waste Fiber
Fiber carding opening machines
Fiber Carding Opening Machines

Fiber opening machine model and technical data

The general models of the fiber opener are SL-500 and SL-600. The diameter of the roller is 500-600mm. Regardless of the diameter of the roller, the working width of the feeding point is 1.5m. The machine size, materials, voltage, and output can also be customized based on special customer demands. The fiber opening machine can be equipped with supporting parts, including gear reducers, blowers, pipes, etc.

Fiber opener

Model: SL-600

Power: 18kw

Weight: 850kg

Capacity: 350kg/h

Size: 800x1700x1200mm

Export cases

Another type of fiber carding opening machine

This type of cotton carding machine has the same functions with the fiber opening equipment, but has different appearance. The machine uses the tension generated by the hobbing operation to comb and fluff various fibers. The whole machine adopts a fully enclosed type, the appearance is neat and beautiful, and it has its own protective device. It is easy to operate, safe and reliable, and easy to install.

Cotton carding machine
Cotton Carding Machine

Cotton filling machine

The fiber opening and caring machine can be connected with a cotton filling machine. The opened fiber can be directly fill in different fluffy products such as pillows, quilts, clothing, plush toys, cushions, etc. The following picture is a fiber opening machine and fiber cotton filling machine.

Cotton filling machine
Cotton Filling Machine

Fabric waste recycling machine

The fiber opening machine is usually paired with the textile waste recycling machine in the waste textile recycling line. After loosing the fabric by the fiber opener, the material generally needs to move on to the next step of thoroughly removing impurities, loosening, and rolling into sheets for direct use. This process requires the use of the waste textile recycling machine.

Waste textile cotton recycling machine
Waste Textile Cotton Recycling Machine

The textile waste recycling machine produces the mechanical centrifugal force by the high-speed operation of the carder and the licker-in to remove the impurities in the brocade flower and loosen the lint and roll it into pieces, which is easy to use.

To be precise, both machines are indispensable. When the fiber opening machine and the waste textile cotton recycling machine are combined, they will maximize the use of waste fibers.

Video of fiber opening machine and cotton waste recycling machine

Fiber opener and cleaner

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