Automatic opening carding machine sent to Bangladesh

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An automatic open carding machine is special equipment for textile recycling and processing. The customer from Bangladesh and our company have reached a friendly cooperative relationship through multi-directional communication. We have also sent this automatic open carding machine to the customer.

Clients from Bangladesh

Recently, customers from Bangladesh purchased the automatic opening carding machine of our company, which mainly used in various fabric recycling and processing lines.

Pictured with clients from bangladesh

The business manager of the company first had a detailed communication with the customer to understand the customer’s processing materials, processing scale and other aspects of the details have a preliminary understanding.

Subsequently, detailed suggestions and planning were made to the customer. And the machine scales most in line with the actual production situation developed for the customer. After consideration, the customer also agreed with the plan and finally reached a friendly deal.

Automatic opening carding machine required by customers

The client from Bangladesh was looking for a machine to recycle waste textiles, called an opening carding machine. This kind of machine is very common in the field of fabric recycling, which can be reopened and carded fabric processing.

Opening and cleaning machine
Opening And Cleaning Machine

The carding machine often composed of multiple rollers. Usually, most customers will choose the carding machine composed of 3-5 rollers. The more rollers, then the higher the processing quality of the fabric will be.

The advantages and characteristics of the opening carding machine

  1. When opening the carding machine, it runs smoothly and has little noise influence.
  2. The machine operation method is simple, a high degree of automation, also saves time and effort.
  3. Easy to maintain, and then just do a good job of daily cleaning and carding machine chain maintenance can be.
  4. Small operation power, maximum energy saving.

We provide customized services for our customers

If customers have special machine arrangement or processing requirements. We can also provide customers with professional customized services, according to the customer’s program for the combination of machine installation.

Waste textile recycling line
Textile Recycling Processing Machines

In addition, the company has a more overall fabric recycling processing system. If customers need to be equipped with other textile recycling processing machines, we will also provide you with the best matching scheme.