February 2, 2021


Automatic opening carding machine sent to Bangladesh

An automatic open carding machine is a special equipment for textile recycling and processing. The customer from Bangladesh and our company have reached a friendly cooperative relationship through multi-directional communication. We have also sent this automatic open carding machine to the customer.

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Garment Recycling

Waste cloth recycling plant in Indonesia

In recent years, Indonesia is very worthy of learning from waste cloth recycling. And waste cloth recycling plant is widely used in the field of fabric recycling in Indonesia. This kind of recycling line can make the waste cloth go through a series of steps to process and recover the use-value.

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Glass fiber

Widely used glass fiber waste cutting machine

Glass fiber is a kind of inorganic non-metallic material with excellent performance. Which has the advantages of good insulation, heat resistance, good corrosion resistance, and high mechanical strength. It is widely used in many fields such as composite materials, insulation and heat preservation materials, electric roadbed board, and so on. But waste fiberglass can be difficult to dispose of, which requires the help of a glass fiber waste cutting machine.

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The cutting of garments cloth

Garments cloth waste cutter for sale

Garment cloth waste cutter is specialized in those complete waste clothes for cutting machinery and equipment. More widely used in the processing industry of clothing recycling. This kind of cloth cutting machine has the characteristics of high safety and flexible adjustment. Which is the best helper for garment fabric recycling.

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waste jeans

Do you know about the jeans waste recycling machine?

Jeans waste recycling machine is special equipment for jeans fabric recycling. As a representative of fashion, jeans are also very common in life. With the increasing enthusiasm of people for fashion, jeans waste production also increases, and these wastes should also be properly recycled.

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Waste carton cutting

What is the paper waste cutting machine?

In fact, paper divided into original paper and recycled paper. The raw material of the original paper is wood. The amount of wood consumed in the production of paper all over the world every year is quite amazing. The paper waste cutting machine is a very widely used cutting equipment. For waste paper, in its recycling process will basically have cutting steps, therefore, this cutter in paper recycling is essential.

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Fabric waste is a problem

Why is fabric waste a problem?

Fabric waste is an unavoidable waste in people’s daily production activities. The biggest reason for it is the rapid development of the clothing industry. The relationship between the two is complimentary. And the continuous production of textile waste has gradually become a social problem.

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Waste textile recycling

What is textile waste recycling?

Textile waste recycling is a more common step in the textile industry at present. Textile waste usually refers to the scraps produced in the textile production process, as well as some textiles that do not meet the production standards. In addition, the waste clothes produced in people’s daily life are also a kind of textile waste.

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Waste clothes

How can we recycle waste clothes?

With the significant increase in clothing production, the amount of waste also increases. And its rapid growth has caused great harm to the natural environment. The recycle of waste clothes is also an industry in urgent need of rapid development at present. So for the recycling of clothing, how should we operate?

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Can cloth be recycled

Can cloth be recycled?

Textile is one of the most polluting industries on the planet. According to rough estimates, the textile industry accounts for at least 10 percent of global carbon emissions and 20 percent of industrial water pollution. And fast fashion, often seen as the least environmentally friendly part of the world, is now contributing more to climate change than sea and air travel combined, so the need for cloth recycled looms large.

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