Why is coconut fiber cutting machine more and more popular?

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Coconut fiber is the fibrous material between the hard inner shell and outer husk of the coconut. The coconut fiber cutting machine (also named textile waste cutting machine) can be used to cut coconut fibers for the coconut fiber processing industry. The blades of the coconut fiber cutter machine are sharp and durable, suitable for cutting a wide variety of fibers. The finished materials are neat and uniform, ready for further processing. Automatic coir fiber cutting machine is also featured with time-saving and labor-saving, simple and safe operation. With diverse benefits, coconut fiber cutter machine is becoming more and more popular in the fiber processing and recycling industry.

Coir fiber characteristics and applications

It is known that the cellulose content of coconut shell fiber is relatively high, accounting for 46% to 63%, while the hemicellulose content is very low. Coco fiber has excellent mechanical properties, as well as excellent moisture resistance and heat resistance.

Coconut fiber is mainly used to produce small carpets, mats, doormats, brushes and mattresses, ropes, and filter cloths after being processed by a coconut fiber cutting machine and other machines. Countries such as India, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines are major coconut producers and major suppliers of coconut fiber.

Highlights of coconut fiber cutting machine

As coir fiber has strong toughness, it is not easy to cut manually, and the cutting efficiency is low. Adopting the world’s leading technology, the fiber cutting machine is an ideal solution for cutting coconut fibers. The final products can be used as a good match for further processing in the fiber processing production line. Here are the outstanding advantages of the coconut fiber cutter machine.

  • The design of moving shearing at the junction point of the oblique twisting rolling knife and the fixed blades realizes continuous high-speed shearing.
  • The size of the chopped material is uniform, and the size of the cut can be easily adjusted according to different needs.
  • The production efficiency is high, and the lengthened coconut fiber cutting machine increases the output.
  • The whole fiber cutter machine is easy to move, stable and reliable, and easy to maintain.
  • The product has advanced design, beautiful appearance, economical and practical, and sensitive control.
Coir fiber cutting machine 1
Coir Fiber Cutting Machine 1

Wide range of applications of coir fiber cutting machine

The coconut fiber cutter machine uses a variety of high-quality special materials, not only can cut coconut fiber, but also can quickly chop all kinds of waste cloth, cotton waste yarn, rags, waste clothing, cotton wool, glass fiber, chemical fiber (like polyester fabric), linen, palm fiber, leather, plastic film, paper, non-woven fabrics and other soft materials with flexibility.

Application of coconut fiber cutting machine 1
Application Of Coconut Fiber Cutting Machine 1

Easy operation of coconut fiber cutter machine

A coconut fiber cutter machine is an automatic machine and is easy to operate. One worker can operate the machine and finish the work. It is advised to feed the material evenly as much as possible to ensure that the conveyed material enters the chopping port evenly. Besides, it needs to properly adjust the gap between the movable blade and the fixed blade to improve the production speed and efficiency.

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