Why is a coir fiber baling machine increasingly used in the fiber business?

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Coir fiber or coconut fiber is a commonly seen fiber, widely used in making products such as clothes, floor mats, pads, brushes and mattresses in the textile industry, daily necessities industry, and recycling industries. As the coir fiber is fluffy, it is not convenient for transportation and storage. Moreover, great rebound force of natural fibers makes it hard to press them in traditional ways. In the fiber processing and recycling industry, a coir fiber baling machine (also known as a vertical hydraulic baler) is more and more favored, and widely used for pressing the coconut husk fiber, textile fiber, cotton fiber, flax fiber, etc into dense and compact bales. Why is it necessary to use a coir baling machine ? How is the performance of the coconut fiber baling machine?

Why need to bale coir fiber?

Natural fibers such as coconut fiber, palm fibers, wool, cotton, are widely used in the textile industry as fillers or woven materials. The common characteristic of natural fibers is that they are all very fluffy. Therefore, for the transportation of natural fibers, it is very important to compress the fibers into compact bales to save space and transportation costs.

Natural fibers have a greater rebound force when compressed. For materials with the high rebound force, it is necessary to choose a heavy-duty coir fiber baling machine,which can withstand the rebound force after the material is compressed. Generally, the original density of natural fibers is low, and a large-tonnage baler should be selected to ensure the expected bale density. The tonnage is generally selected at 80 tons and above. The a rebound hook in the inner wall of the coir baling machine can effectively prevent the material from rebounding, thereby improving the baling efficiency.

Coir fiber baling machine: an efficient solution for baling fibers

What is a coconut fiber baling machine?

The coconut fiber baling machine is also called a hydraulic baler, using the pressure of hydraulic oil to compress and pack all soft and light , hollow, or loose materials. It can greatly reduces the material volume, increases the density, and facilitates transportation and storage. Hydraulic baling machine include vertical and horizontal types. The commonly used coir baling machine is the vertical baler. Usually, this vertical fiber baling machine has a small footprint and compresses the bales from top to bottom.

Vertical hydraulic balers are widely used in textile factories, warehouses, grocery stores, and other waste recycling sites. The fiber baling machine is ideal for pressing clothes, rags, coconut fibers, flax fibers, cotton fibers, wool, and more. The output of vertical balers fluctuates greatly, and the output per hour can vary from 200KG to 15 tons. Therefore, the application of vertical balers spreads all kinds of recycled materials and places.

Coir baling machines
Coir Baling Machines

Advantages of coir baling machine 

  • High work efficiency and manpower saving. Hydraulic power is adopted, and ten grades of pressing force are available from 10 tons to 100 tons.
  • Bale size can be customized according to customer requirements.
  • The feeding port is widened and the filling is convenient.
  • There are different ways of discharging for options, such as turning , pushing, or manually taking;
  • Low noise hydraulic circuit design, ,stable performance and low failure.
  • Easy installation, joystick operation, safe and reliable. Where there is no power supply, diesel engines can be used as power.
  • Wide range of applications: suitable for all kinds of fibers, such as plant fibers (such as coconut fibers, palm fibers, hemp coke fibers, cotton, etc.), animal fibers, chemical fibers, textiles, mineral wool fibers, cellulose fibers. In addition, it can also be used for baling of other waste products, such as shredded straw/shredded straw, scrap metal, scrap plastic, scrap carton, etc.
Coconut fiber baling machines
Coconut Fiber Baling Machines

Coir fiber baling machine price

There are many types, models, and outputs of coconut husk baling machine available, and the machine prices vary. Two common types of balers are vertical and horizontal. It depends on how much users need to pack and local labor costs. If a customer needs to pack more than one ton of material per hour, the fully automatic horizontal baling machine is a good choice. For a small business, customers can also choose the relatively economical and cost-effective vertical baler, and the target output can be achieved by purchasing multiple sets of balers at the same time.

The vertical coir fiber baling machine has two types, a single-cylinder baler or a double-cylinder baler, with a pressure range ranging from 10 tons to 200 tons. The amount of pressure and the number of cylinders depend on customers’ specific business needs.

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