Commercial polyester fiber cutting machine/cutter

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Polyester fiber cutting machine is used for polyester fiber cutting commercial equipment. Because polyester fiber itself has good wrinkle resistance and high elastic recovery ability. If you do not use the professional shear machine, it is difficult to cut it evenly and thoroughly.

Introduction to polyester fiber

Polyester fiber is a synthetic fiber obtained by spinning polyester by condensation of organic diacid and dialcohol, PET fiber for short, which belongs to a high molecular compound.

The substance has different names in different countries. Such as Dacron in the United States, Tetoron in Japan, Terlenka in the United Kingdom, Lavsan in the former Soviet Union, and so on.

Detail of polyester fiber
Detail Of Polyester Fiber

In addition, polyester fiber also has a lot of excellent properties: resilience and heat setting effect is good, light and heat resistance is good. The most important is that this fiber also has strong corrosion resistance, for weak acid, weak alkali will be in a stable state. Therefore, it has a wide range of industrial uses.

Polyester fibers are recyclable and reprocessed

In general, most fiber items can recycle and process into new items, including polyester. In daily life is the most common polyester fiber is a plastic beverage bottle. The bottle is also known as the polyester bottle. From bottle to polyester fiber, which includes the collection, sorting, transport, crushing, washing, drying, melting, spinning, this a series of steps. It may eventually make into blankets, clothing, can also process into the bottle again.

A felt made of polyester fiber
A Felt Made Of Polyester Fiber

In short, polyester fiber can use for a wide range of regeneration purposes.

Polyester fiber cutting machine – the first step of recycling processing

The polyester fiber cutting machine mainly carries out the steps of cutting and crushing. First of all, collect and sort the materials manufactured with polyester fiber. The preliminary preparation will be more helpful for the subsequent recycling steps.

Completely chopped polyester fiber
Completely Chopped Polyester Fiber

This kind of fiber cutting machine structure is simple, practical steps are simple. The actual cutting material size can adjust flexibly. Polyester fiber materials by combining dynamic fixed knife cutting device, will be fast and efficient, after completing this step, even finished the first step in the recovery and processing. After that, the shredded fiber can be processed in depth.

Textile fiber cutting machine
Textile Fiber Cutting Machine

How to do the daily maintenance of a polyester fiber cutting machine?

Because the main component of the fiber cutting machine is the cutting blade inside the machine. Therefore, in the daily use of the process, we should pay attention to the proper maintenance of the blade. The blade generally needs to grind once a half a year, so that the machine has been to maintain high efficiency of cutting.

In addition, before each opening of the machine. It is necessary to pay attention to whether there are residues in the cutting processing area and remove them in time. So as not to affect the normal cutting operation of the machine.