6-roller cotton waste recycling machine delivered to Pakistan

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A cotton waste recycling machine is a kind of environmental machinery for fiber recycling. The cotton waste cleaning machine uses the mechanical centrifugal force generated by the comb and barbed roll’s high-speed operation to exclude the fiber’s impurities and loosen the lint, rolled into pieces for recycling. Recently, we have sent our SL-600 machine to Pakistan. The SL-600 cotton waste recycling machine in Pakistan can open, clean up and recycle all kinds of waste fibers, including garment factory scraps, old yarn, old clothes, polyester, chemical fiber, carding machine waste, spinning mill waste and other raw materials, so as to generate new fibers again.

Order details of cotton waste recycling machine in Pakistan

Our Pakistani customer operates a waste cotton recycling plant and has used an old textile recycling machine for a long time. The textile waste recycling machine has a relatively small capacity, which gradually cannot meet the demand for a large quantity of waste fabric material. Thus, he planned to replace it with an advanced one with large productivity. After negotiation with us, he was satisfied with our SL-600 machine with 6 rollers and purchased it from our company. Now, we have delivered the machine to him.

6-roller waste cotton recycling machine

Model: SL-600

Power: 45.5kw

Diameter of roller: 250mm

Weight: 4050kg

Capacity :150-250kg/h

Size: 6200*1700*1300mm

Cotton waste recycling machine price

We are a professional fabric recycling machine manufacturer. We provide many models of waste fiber cleaning machines. The product configuration and output of the machine models are also different, and the prices are also different. If the customer needs a machine with special functions, it is needed to offer customized service, and the price will naturally be different. The cotton waste recycling machine price is affected by a number of factors. For example, the cost of mechanical products, including the machining process, the input of raw materials, the input of transportation costs, the configuration of the machine, etc. Customers can provide specific product requirements, and our professional will send a specific quotation soon.

Cotton waste cleaning machine with cover
Cotton Waste Cleaning Machine With Cover

Why choose the waste cotton recycling machine?

The cotton waste recycling machine in pakistan has many outstanding advantages.

  • High-power suction fan is used to make the dust removal performance more superior.
  • Low noise, high output,
  • Excellent processing effect, less fiber damage,
  • Simple operation, safety and convenience.
  • Reasonable structure and compact model.
  • Widely used in a variety of chemical fiber, hemp spinning, cotton spinning, wool spinning, textile waste yarn, waste clothing, textile scraps, non-woven fabrics, textiles, toys, clothing, knitting chemical fiber, waste processing and other industries.
  • The fiber products obtained after processing are widely used, and can be used for spinning, making greenhouse stickers, non-woven fabrics, gloves, socks, geotextiles and so on.

How does the waste fiber cleaning machine work?

The cotton waste cleaning machine works automatically and it is labor-saving. First, the operator spreads the cotton lint to be processed evenly on the feeding curtain and pulls it to the licker-in. Due to the rotation of the rollers in the fabric recycling machine, the cotton layer is fed continuously under the strong grip of the feeding rollers. When the hooking and friction force of the serrated teeth on the lint is greater than the holding force, the fibers in the lint that are combed away are gradually taken away by the licker-in.

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