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textile recycling machine
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A textile recycling machine is widely used to process various textile waste materials. The textile waste recycling machine serves as an essential machine in the waste textile cotton recycling line. The applicable raw materials include old garments/clothes, rags, cotton, yarn, fabric, polyester, fiber, textile, cloth, hemp fiber, cotton, wool, waste yarn, textile scraps, non-woven fabrics, and others. The fabric recycling machine removes impurities from waste fibers through the high-speed operation of the carder and the licker-in, loosens the waste fibers, and rolls them into sheets. The high-power suction fan used makes the machine have a good dust removal effect and avoids dust pollution. The waste cotton recycling machine also has the advantages of reasonable structure, low noise, high output, and simple operation. This cotton waste cleaning machine is well applied in textile industries for recycling products like textile, toys, clothing, shoes, knitting chemical fiber, etc.

Characteristics of textile recycling machine

The textile waste recycling machine adopts advanced technology and presents many outstanding advantages.

  • High degree of automation. The yarn waste recycling machine realizes automatic cleaning, opening, and rolling as a whole;
  • Reliable performance, stable operation, and simple operation;
  • Excellent cleaning effect and low energy consumption. The waste textile recycling machine is equipped with a high-speed carder and licker-in.
  • No air pollution and low noise. The powerful suction fans and pipes remove the dust. Independent high-power dust suction fan has superior dust discharge performance.
  • Less damage to the fiber. The fabric waste recycling machine exerts the appropriate force on the material to protect the raw fibers.

Fabric recycling machine structure

The diameter of the roller of the textile waste recycling machine is 250mm, with 1 to 8 rollers. Certainly, the more the number of rollers, the better the final cleaning effect of the material.

The output of the waste cotton recycling machine is about 100-200kg/h. Customers can configure the number of rollers according to their own requirements and budget, and can also add an encloser. The working width of the feeding point of the fiber opening and cleaning machine is 1.5m.

Fabric opening and cleaning machine working video

How does the fabric waste recycling machine work?

Firstly, the cotton batt that needs to be processed is evenly spread on the cotton curtain and pulled to the licker-in of the textile recycling machine. As the roller rotates, the cotton layer is fed continuously under the powerful grip of the roller.

When the force of the sawtooth on the hook and friction of the cotton batt is greater than its holding force, the fibers that have been carded in the cotton batt are gradually taken away by the licker-in, separating the cotton into a single fiber state.

The action of high-speed running of the licker-in generates a large centrifugal inertia force. And then impurities will continuously eject along the tangential direction of the outer circle of the roller.

The cotton fiber due to a small specific gravity, under the action of the airflow, through the cotton channel sent to the collection of cotton dust cage surface. Form a layer of cotton, then feed into the two feeder boards. Lastly, the formation of the cotton layer feeds into the cotton roller and winds on the surface of the wooden roller.

Specification of fabric waste recycling machine

The following table shows two common models of textile waste recycling machines. The former has two rollers with an output of 100kg/h, suitable for small-scale textile recycling businesses. The latter has 6 rollers with a larger output and better cleaning effect. The SL-600 is popular among our customers with medium-scale factories. Besides, for special demands regarding machine size, spare parts, outputs, machine materials, etc., our company offers customization services.

Our customer and textile waste recycling machine
Our Customer And Textile Waste Recycling Machine
Diameter of roller250mm250mm
Number of rollers26

Textile recycling machines delivered to many countries

Shuliy Machinery has sold the machine to a great number of countries, including the United States, India, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya, and other countries. In order to meet the needs of customers for machines, we have a large amount of inventory. If you are interested, please feel free to leave a message and contact us, we will send you the favorable quotation and machine details soon.

The textile recycling machine is often connected with a fiber opening machine, which opens the fibers for easy cleaning and processing. The waste cotton recycling machine can also be used together with a textile fiber cutting machine, fiber opener machine in front, and a waste textiles baler in the back to form a waste fabric recycling line.

Cotton waste cleaning machine and fiber opener
Cotton Waste Cleaning Machine And Fiber Opener

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