Daily maintenance of fiber opening and clearing machine

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The fiber opening and clearing machines are special equipment for recycling and processing waste fabrics. The daily maintenance of the fiber opening and clearing machine also determines the long-term stable operation of the equipment, as well as the working efficiency of the machine. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the maintenance of the machine.

Cleaning of opening machine

  • First of all, open the protective cover outside the fiber opening machine, pull open the control box, clean all the fuselage. Need to pay attention to clean the fiber and cotton in the electromagnetic clutch. Because this is the key part of the fire caused by accident. In addition, also need to clean the oil around the tread box, clean the fiber cotton inside the control box.
  • Then loosen the warp threads to remove the harnesses and cotton wool under the chest beam. If there is too much cotton wool under the chest beam. The air pipe of the auxiliary nozzle will be damaged.
  • Finally, the shell of the whole opening machine can be simply cleaned.
Fiber opening machine
Fiber Opening Machine

Cleaning of the clearing machine

Under normal circumstances, the clearing machine connects with the opening of the use. Then the daily cleaning of the clearing machine and the opening of the synchronous can be.

Special attention should be paid to the timely cleaning of the machine at the corners of the accumulated cotton. So as to avoid long-term failure to clean up the machine operation problems.

Fiber cleaner
Fiber Cleaner

How to maintain the fiber opening and clearing machine

When the machine delivered to the customer, we will randomly add some wearing parts such as belts. In addition to these fragile parts, other parts of the opening and clearing machine are not easy to damage.

As long as you follow the correct operation steps to use the machine, in addition, we also recommended that manufacturers strengthen the management and training of the machine operators, to ensure that the machine operation failure, operators can be found and dealt with in a timely manner.

Fiber opener and cleaner
Fiber Opener And Cleaner

Of course, when the fiber opening and clearing machine assembled and used for the first time, we will send you the detailed installation steps and video.

If there are any technical problems during the use of the machine, we will provide timely solutions.