Do you know anything about fiber cutters?

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Fiber cutter is widely used in daily life. Which is mainly used for the recycling of waste fabrics, and plays a pivotal role in the recycling process.
In addition, fiber cutting machine has a strong practical, can cut most of the fiber, and cutting quality is high, to provide us with great convenience.

Fiber cutting machine in the use of life

What is the fiber cutter?

We often use some knives in our daily life. These knives usually use for cutting things. Now, we will also introduce a tool for clipping, but clipping tools are not something that we often see in our daily lives. It is a tool used to cut fiber products called fiber cutter.
So, fiber cutting machines especially useful for cutting fiber products. Many times, fiber products cannot be cut with the tools we use in our daily life. Or if we use daily props to cut, the effect may be poor, so we need special cutting tools.


How to choose the fiber cutting machine?

The choice of a fiber cutter depends basically on the shape, style, length, and yield of the material. Due to the different shredding requirements of different raw materials in production and life, people choose according to their own work needs. In general, they are suitable for cutting all kinds of irregular and non-directional soft materials. Such as scrap fabric trimming, crushing old clothes, lint chemical fiber, glass fiber, linen, silk leather, carton, plastic film, and so on.

Display of fiber cutter
Display Of Fiber Cutter

Actually, the fiber cutting machine is universal cutting equipment with a wide range of applications. It can cut different types of raw materials according to different needs to meet people’s needs for materials.

Fiber cutting machine has a strong practicality

Which materials can be cut by this machine

This machine can cut up all kinds of soft fiber quickly, such as carbon fiber, seaweed fiber, biological fiber, bamboo fiber, textile clothing scraps, waste yarn, waste line, old clothes, paper cotton, hemp, fishing net, non-woven, latex, leather, palm silk, graphene, sponge, cotton, car interior scraps, polished leather, leather, and other materials.


Why choose the machine

The size of the chopped material is uniform, the length is adjustable, the whole machine is easy to move, the work is stable and reliable, of course, the maintenance is convenient. The production efficiency is very high, can solve the manual cutting of a large number of the labor force. Then for the next fiber opening and reprocessing process to do a good matching, is the most ideal choice for waste materials recycling.