For environmental protection to contribute to the baling machine equipment

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With the deepening of the topic of environmental protection, environmental protection measures in society are becoming more and more mature. The prohibition of plastic bags, the recycling of garbage, and the promotion of low-carbon life are all for environmental protection. With the banning of plastic bags, baling machines have entered the historical stage of people’s lives. The baling machine should not only be transported to factories but also can be seen everywhere in daily life, contributing to human environmental protection.

Baling machines are constantly innovating

The implementation of the plastic limit is to replace plastics with more environmentally friendly materials to serve people in the future. Paper is a low-cost, easy-to-understand, and environmentally friendly material. The widespread use of paper highlights the role of the baler.

Shuliy baling machine
Shuliy Baling Machine

While the whole people advocate environmental protection and implement environmental protection, the baling machine industry is also unwilling to lag behind, actively developing new products. In the baler industry, it has been working hard to innovate and develop products suitable for market demand.

How to do the maintenance of hydraulic baler

Firstly, do a good job in the replacement of accessories. Mainly including oil cylinder seals, between the motor and gear pump wool cover, etc., to better ensure the performance of the baler.

Baling machine
Baling Machine

Then, the baling machine should be preheated before each production, the production should be carried out after everything is normal. And the machine should maintain after daily processing, such as screw fastening, hydraulic oil supplement, and so on.

Double cylinder vertical hydraulic baler
Double Cylinder Vertical Hydraulic Baler

Only fully do the daily maintenance of hydraulic baler, then they can make it play the best effect, create the best value.

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