How to choose a good cloth fiber cutting machine manufacturer?

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The cloth fiber cutting machine is the best equipment for recycling waste clothes, bed sheets, and other kinds of fabric fibers. This fabric fiber recycling machine can evenly and quickly cut waste clothes into small pieces. As clothing recycling becomes more widespread, the demand for cloth fiber cutters is also increasing. So, how should we choose cloth fiber cutting machine manufacturers?

Shuliy cloth fiber cutting machine for sale
Shuliy cloth fiber cutting machine for sale

Methods to choose fiber cutting machine manufacturer

When domestic customers purchase fabric fiber cutting machines, it is best to browse the websites of several fiber cutting machine manufacturers on the Internet to collect and screen the basic information of different manufacturers, such as the company’s business license, product quality certificate, buyer evaluation, etc. Qualified buyers can even call the fiber cutting machine manufacturer to request to visit the factory and test the working effect of the machine.

For foreign customers, due to the impact of the world epidemic, it may not be realistic to visit the fabric fiber cutting machine factory in person. But we can use video calls to conduct online visits. In addition, foreign customers should also pay attention to check the quality inspection certificate of the machine, such as CE certificate, when choosing a fiber cutting machine manufacturer.

When comparing the prices of cloth fiber cutting machines, customers should not blindly pursue low prices, but should pursue cost-effective products, and even strictly require product quality. This is because, at present, the after-sales protection of products exported internationally is not perfect.

Fiber cutter machine factory
fiber cutter machine factory

Main features of good cloth fiber cutting machine

The choice of fiber cutting machine is basically based on factors such as the shape, style, length and output of raw materials. Due to the different cutting requirements for different raw materials in production and life, people choose according to their own work needs.

The cloth fiber cutting machine in Shuliy factory adopts automatic conveyor belt to convey materials. There is a two-stage pressure roller pressing device at the front end of the knife edge of the machine, with a protective cover. The cutting edge width of the machine can reach 400-800mm, and the feeding thickness is 30-80mm.

The cloth size that this machine can cut is between 5-300mm, and the length to be cut can be adjusted arbitrarily. The output of the fiber cutting machine is about 300-1500kg per hour. This machine is suitable for cutting various irregular soft materials such as waste cloth trim, old clothing, cotton wool, flax, silk leather, carton, plastic film, etc.

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