Learn more about the fiber opening machine

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The opening machine is very important for the reuse of waste fabric, and its opening quality directly determines whether other links can proceed smoothly.
So, we need to have a deep understanding of this machine, learn to judge it good or bad.

What are the factors that affect the effectiveness of the opening machine?

The opener is suitable for all kinds of fiber, it can remove impurities in fiber materials, mainly fiber, cotton, textiles, and other materials. However, in the process of using the fiber opening machine, it is inevitable that many factors will affect the opening effect of the opening machine.

Textile fiber opening machine
Textile Fiber Opening Machine

Here are some of the main factors that affect the effectiveness of the opening machine:

  • The distance between the needle tooth, the licker-in, and the feeding roller may have a certain influence on the effect of the opening machine. Because this distance needs to depend on the length of the fiber, if the fiber is long, the distance can be lengthened, if the fiber is short, the spacing should be small.

    In short, the size of the spacing should control according to the length of the fiber and production experience.

  • In the process of the operation. If the speed of licker-in is very fast, the number of times that the feeding material subjected to the opening will increase. And the opening force will also increase correspondingly, so the opening act will strengthen.

    The speed of the licker-in is not suitable for too fast when using the opening machine. Especially when the fiber block is large and the resistance of the losing machine is large.

  • Choose the proper speed of the blowing machine. If it is too fast, the fiber block will be sucked away by the blower before being loosened by the opening machine.

    If it is too slow, the fibers cannot be moved by the machine in time and are easily rubbed into lumps.
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The Other Side Of The Opener

How to distinguish good machines from the bad?

When choosing to buy the openers, the quality of the openers is the main concern of consumers. A good opening mechanism depends on the operating efficiency in later use.

So, do you know how to distinguish a good opening mechanism from a bad one? Here is a brief introduction for you.

The quality of the opening machine reflected in the quality indexes of the products. During the operation of the opening machine. It includes the number of impurities and defects in the semi-finished products, the content of short fibers, and the number of spinnable fibers contained in the falling matter.

Fiber opener
Fiber Opener

A good opening machine can improve the dirty working environment in the past and has higher working efficiency. Can improve the quality of processed fiber and other aspects.

The machine can adopt the free blow, can avoid excessive damage to the fiber, can reduce the yarn defects.

So we suggest that in the process of purchasing. You should not only pay attention to the price of the opener, mainly to see the quality of the opener. And then pay attention to the price of the product. So that it is more conducive to choose suitable for your own use demand and cost-effective products of the opener.

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