Precautions in use of computer controlled quilting machine

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Automatic computer controlled quilting machine, also named computerized quilting machine is specially used for sewing quilts, mattresses and other textiles in the textile industry. Equipped with a computer operating system, the computerized quilting machine can complete pattern sewing under the precise control of the computer. The fully automatic computerized quilting machine has the characteristics of fast speed, excellent sewing stitch, stable operation, and no noise. In daily operation, what should we pay attention to avoid equipment damage? And how do we need to reasonably operate the computer system, such as parameter setting, pattern parameter setting?

In terms of machine installation and commissioning

  1. The machine power grounding wire must be grounded independently to ensure the stability of input voltage. If necessary, a voltage regulator can be configured to ensure the normal operation of machine electrical components.
  2. In case of temporary power failure during normal quilting, the computer controlled quilting machine shall be shut down and the power switch shall be turned on in time. After being turned on, the parameters shall be reconfirmed before starting the machine.
  3. When the machine is working, check whether there is abnormal sound. If so, stop the machine in time, and work again after finding out the cause and eliminating it.
  4. All belts on the computerized single-head quilting machine shall not be stained with oil. Do not open computer parts, frequency converter and other parts at will.
  5. When pulling out or installing the quilt frame, check whether the needle is in the proper position to avoid damaging the fabric.

In terms of computer operation

  • The motion speed of single-head quilting machine must be continuously adjusted according to the sewing work.
  • Pay attention to the main parameters of the thread quantity and capacity of the shuttle core of the machine. During the use of computer controlled quilting machine, in order to better realize the feeding regulations of different raw materials, the corresponding feeding amount of different sewing sections must be controlled in the whole feeding process.
  • Collect the fancy and identify the main parameters of the fancy on time, and carry out online calibration according to the main parameters of the identified fancy. First, try to keep the fancy shape unchanged. Moreover, keep the position unchanged as much as possible, or the shape will be deformed. In addition, the calibration shall be carried out on the basis of the deviation of the quilting point.

The above is the general precautions we introduced. If more detailed information about this computerized sewing machine is needed, welcome to get in touch with us.