3 Reasons to choose a hydraulic cotton baling press for fiber recycling

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In the fiber recycling industry, hydraulic cotton baling press (also known as a textile baler machine) is mainly suitable for compressing and packaging loose materials such as cotton, cotton gauze, hemp, wool, old clothes, waste fabrics, plant fibers, and synthetic fibers to save space and transportation cost. The cotton baler machine is driven by hydraulic pressure, and can be operated manually or automatically by PLC, and can be used with material conveyors. There is a variety of baling equipment on the market. Why do more and more people choose hydraulic vertical cotton baling press? Here are 3 reasons summarized for reference.

Excellent functions of hydraulic cotton baling press

Cotton baling press
Cotton Baling Press

The hydraulic cotton bale pressing machine has a large pressure, reaching tons. It can be formed at one time without rework. The product has been upgraded, which improves the efficiency of the baler, which is several times stronger than the traditional baler.

The cotton press machine has a high degree of automation, and the operation is very simple and convenient. The raised compression chamber makes threading, baling, and unpacking of bale simple and easy.

The cotton bale pressing machine can generally produce bales with weights ranging from 30kg to 600kg. The specific bale size can be determined according to the model, so as to ensure that any size needs can find a baler that meets their size requirements.

The cylinder of the vertical baler adopts imported materials, which have good sealing performance, no oil leakage, and no pressure relief, which makes the product more durable. The machine has a manual reversing valve, which is stable and reliable in operation and easy to operate, and the action can be controlled by itself.

The motor of the product has good heat dissipation performance, strong power output, and stable output. The frame of the cotton baling press is made of thickened steel plate, which is not easy to deform under high pressure, and the compression is more compact.

Good economic benefits

Wide application of cotton baler machine
Wide Application Of Cotton Baler Machine

The hydraulic cotton baling press is rather cost-effective and versatile, suitable for baling used clothing, towels, pillows, quilts, blankets, old shoes, old clothes, rags, textile fibers, yarn, and other textile waste. This cotton baling machine is a multi-function type, which greatly reduces human and financial resources.

The whole process can be operated by only one person, which greatly saves labor costs.

The body structure combines high output and low power consumption. Packing density and size can be designed according to customer requirements.

The cotton bale pressing machine has the characteristics of firmness, long service life, and easy maintenance.

Affordable cotton bale press machine price

The price of the bale press machine for cotton is reasonable and the output is diverse to meet the needs of different output. As a manufacturer, the hydraulic cotton baling press price is very competitive. The price of the machine is affected by comprehensive factors, including cost, process, product materials, etc. The cost of mechanical products is one of the important factors affecting the price. The cost includes the sum of a series of inputs such as the input of mechanical processing, the input of raw materials, the input of science and technology, and the input of transportation cost. In addition, customers have different requirements for packaging methods. Many customers need balers with other special specifications. Such products have higher technical requirements and different prices.

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