Investment instructions for recycled fiber opener machines

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The recycled fiber opener machine is suitable for opening waste fibers such as cloth ends, waste clothes, waste yarn, cotton and linen, chemical fibers, and nylon carpets. When you decide to break and open textile materials such as clothes and rags into fiber cotton, you may need to spend a certain amount of money to purchase an opening machine. So how can you ensure that you are not spending money in vain? How can you ensure that the recycled fiber opener machine you purchase is the equipment that meets your needs?

Opened fiber
opened fiber

Determine your needs before purchasing a recycled fiber opener

To purchase a suitable waste fabric opening machine, you can first clarify the following two questions: 1. What raw materials do you need to open? What do these raw materials look like in their original form? 2. To what extent do you want to open the raw materials, and what are the fiber length requirements? These two factors will determine whether your investment is in the right place.

Shuliy recycled fiber opener machine for sale
Shuliy recycled fiber opener machine for sale

For example, your raw materials are clothing scraps, waste cotton yarn, non-woven fabrics, car interiors, sound insulation fiber materials, carpet fiber materials, sweater yarn, white linen, jute, or other materials. Also, what are you going to do with the fibers once they are opened? To what length do you need to process the fiber, for example, 15mm, 30mm, or longer? Once the answers to these questions are clear, you can choose recycled fiber opening machines that meet the corresponding needs based on some simple guidelines.

Tips for helping to buy waste fabric opening machines

When you are considering purchasing a recycled fiber opener and need to make a choice, you need to determine the answers to your questions first.

  • What materials do I want to loosen? Soft or hard? Thick or thin? What about density and fiber content? It is best to provide photos and physical objects to the opening machine manufacturer.
  • To what extent are you going to open the raw materials? Is it sufficient for the fiber to be in a highly fluffy state or to have no cloth ends?
  • What is the required fiber length for opening? What are the requirements for fiber toughness?
  • How many hours does the opening machine need to work every day? Is feeding intermittent or continuous?
Small type fabric opening machines
small type fabric opening machines