Automatic waste cotton yarn cutting machine at best price

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Waste yarn cutting machine, also known as fiber cutting machine is general cutting equipment with a very wide range of applications. The cotton yarn waste cutting machine can cut a variety of different categories of raw materials in accordance with different requirements to meet the needs of people for materials. The yarn waste cutting equipment selection is basically in accordance with the shape of raw materials, style, length and output to choose. The cotton yarn waste recycling machine has automatic conveyor, double-stage pressure roller compression device with a protective cover. The final product length can be adjusted between 5-300mm and the output per hour is 300-1500kg. Cotton yarn waste recycling machine can be applied to a variety of waste cotton yarn, cloth trim, old clothing, cotton wool chemical fiber, glass fiber, flax, leather, plastic film and other irregular, non-directional soft material. Due to the adoption of rotary multiple blades, the new-design waste yarn cutter machine reduces the cost of blade wear and replacement, to ensure the reliability of cutting. The machine is widely used in various recycling type factories.

What are the advantages of yarn waste cutting machine?

Cotton yarn waste cutting machine
Cotton Yarn Waste Cutting Machine
  • Advanced shearing technology process to achieve continuous high-speed shear. Waste yarn cutting machine adopts the international leading oblique rotary twist rolling knife and fixed knife to meet the point of moving shear design. The output per hour is about 300-1500kg.
  • Wide range of applications. Suitable for cutting a variety of waste cloth, cotton waste yarn, waste clothing, chemical fiber, flax, leather, plastic film, paper, trademark plates, non-woven fabrics and other off-cuts.
  • Uniform size of the shredded material, and adjustable length of the final material. The cutting edge width is up to 400-800mm, feeding thickness of 30-80mm, can cut 5-300mm between the length of any adjustment.
  • Advanced product design, beautiful appearance, economical and practical, sensitive control.
  • Easy to move, stable and reliable, easy to maintain, high production efficiency. The fiber cutter machine replaces manual labor chopping and prepares the waste yarn for the next processing step of opening and cleaning.

Wide application scope of waste yarn cutting machine

  • Cotton fiber yarn, nylon fiber, nylon rope, nylon mesh cloth, nylon waste silk, nylon fishing net, cotton yarn, rubber silk, tire thread, waste silk.
  • Flax fiber, colored lint, jute, red hemp, sisal, palm silk, sacks.
  • Waste clothes, leather, garment offcuts, denim, non-woven fabrics, shoe trimmings, woolen textiles, waste sweaters, knitted underwear, waste gloves, waste socks.
  • Chemical fibers, acrylic/propylene/spandex/polyester, polypropylene.
  • Curtain fabric, car upholstery fabric, waste bed sheets, waste sofa sets, carpets, felt, car cushions, car foot mats, decorative fabric, wallpaper.
  • Glass fiber, carbon fiber, resin cloth, glass fiber mesh cloth, glass fiber plastic sheet, glass fiber asbestos tile, and graphite paper.
  • Waste paper, waste books, waste documents, newspapers, cartons, and egg trays.

Cotton yarn waste cutting machine price

Many people are concerned about the price of the cotton yarn waste cutting machine and the factors influencing the price. The price of the machine is determined by its overall production cost. There are still many factors affecting the price, basically the cost of production technology of the manufacturer, the consumption and price of raw materials, the cost of labor in the actual production process, company services and other aspects. In addition, customers choose the machine with different outputs, different demands for equipment, the price will also vary somewhat. Fiber cutting machine selection is basically in accordance with the shape of raw materials, style, length and yield to choose, because in production life for different raw materials shear requirements are different. Shuliy Machinery is a professional fiber recycling machinery manufacturer, with more than ten years of experience in the industry. The company integrates research and development, design, production and sales, and provides a full range of after-sales services. Our products are sold to many countries in the world, including the United States, Mexico, India, Pakistan, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, and so on. Welcome to get in touch with us for specialized advice and machine details.