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An automatic cotton carding machine also known as a fiber opener machine is used for uniformly opening and loosening such fibers as PP cotton, screw cotton, doll cotton, ordinary hollow cotton, and down cotton. The one-time opening rate can reach 100%. The fiber carding machine is applicable to the toy factory, sofa factory, bedding factory, home textiles factory, and a clothing factory. Besides, the cotton fiber opening machine is also used for pressing used wool, the used woolen sweater, the old cotton quilt, the macerated fabric, and the polyester wadding tailings, etc. The polyester fiber opening machine is often paired with a fiber filling machine for making plush soft textile products.

Fiber opening machine highlights

  • Advanced technology, compact structure and strong power.
  • All kinds of staple fibers (wool, fur, polyester, PP cotton, etc.) can be combed and fluffy by using the tension generated by gear hobbing operation, and the opening rate is 99%-100%.
  • The whole machine is fully enclosed, beautiful in appearance, with its protective device,
  • Easy to operate, safe and reliable, easy to install
  • The cotton carding machine can be combined with other machines to complete the opening and filling process and the mixing, stirring and filling between different fibers.

Structure and working principle of cotton carding machine

1. The fiber carding machine can loosen the raw cotton more than ten thousand times from front to back at a high speed of 1400r/min in the differential rotation achieved by the big pin roll and many small pin rolls. It can achieve the purpose of opening and loosening without damaging the raw materials.

2. For the pin rolls, the seamless steel tube is used for grooving. The imported alloy steel rack special for combing in cotton spinning is wound. The high-speed balancing treatment has been made on the main roller. The error between the left and the right is only 0.1-1 gram, which can ensure a more smooth and steady transmission of the machine. Moreover, the service life of the whole cotton carding machine is longer, and the maintenance cost is lower.

3. The compound industrial belt can be used for automatically feeding cotton, which has the advantages of easy and safe operation, longer continuous operation, and lower maintenance rate.

4. Cotton feeding and discharging are automatically controlled by electronic infrared rays, and integrated electronic box control is available for overload, and high-temperature protection.

5. The cotton fiber opening machine is made of national standard steel plate by professional sheet metal stamping to provide firm and durable property, is finished by electrocuting and stoving varnish with more service life than a common coating, and without paint removing and color change.

Cotton carding machine
Cotton Carding Machine

Fiber carding machine techinical data

Specification 1900×880×1100mm 1900×1180×1100mm 1900×1380×1100mm
Opening rate100%100%100%

How to operate the polyester fiber opening machine?

1. Press down the start button on the cotton carding machine to turn on the main power supply; the reversing switch is used for controlling the conveyer belt to automatically move forward and backward;

2. If the conveyer belt deviates, for example, it is required to tightly screw the adjustment lever on the left and additionally slightly loose on the right when it moves to the left; it is required to tightly screw the adjustment lever on the right and additionally slightly loose on the left when it moves to the right;

3. Do not put any hard thing to avoid damaging roller gear and consequently affecting the opening rate;

4. It is strictly prohibited to touch any transmission part, fire-opening machine roller, and other parts which are in operation, and strictly prohibited to reach hands to the cotton press roller for feeding cotton;

5. The opened and loosened cotton fiber at the back end of the fiber-opening machine should be timely removed and placed aside or conveyed to the cotton-filling machine, and strictly prohibited to stack in the fiber-opening machine which will block the fiber opening machine roller, and then burn the motor and damage other transmission parts.

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