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Cotton filling machine
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The cotton filling machine is specially designed for filling fiber of products including pillow, cushion, quilt, clothing, sofa, plush toys, and so on. Long and short fiber cotton, pearl cotton, PP cotton, down cotton, hand tampon, rag cotton, polyester fiber, broken sponge, etc. are all suitable for the fiber cotton filling machine. The cotton outlet pipe can be freely replaced and customized, generally with a diameter of 100mm-150mm. The polyester fiber filling machine has the advantages of fast filling speed, convenient footswitch control, low noise, safety, economy, and durability. The final products are fluffy, with uniform filling and elasticity. The fiber filling machine can be used together with a fiber opening machine or a clear spring machine. Cotton filler machines are widely used in the textile processing industry, plush toy processing industry, etc.

Application range

The fiber cotton filling machine has a wide range of applications. The following are the common application areas.

  1. Stuffed textile daily necessities: including pillows, cushions, sofa, quilts, etc.
  2. Clothes: like down jackets, feature jeckets,
  3. Potable plush stuffed toys: like Teddy bears

Cotton filling machine features

  • Automatic cotton suction and filling functions. The filling efficiency can reach 30 times that of manual cotton filling;
  • Various specifications of cotton filling piples are optional, and support customization to meet different demands.
  • It can make the filled cotton material keep its original elasticity, soft, uniform and full filling with beautiful appearance;
  • Stable transmission and performance;
  • Simple operation and safe production. New pedal control can realize more uniform filling and faster speed;
  • Low noise and low energy consumption;
  • Variable fan technology, convenient control, saving investment and maintenance costs.

How does cotton fiber filling machine work?

There is a mixing device inside the cotton filling machine, a small air storage tank below, and a footswitch device in front. First, use the suction pipe to suck polyester fiber, pearl cotton, plastic particle, foam material, or other filler into the cotton pillow filling machine. The filling materials will be fully stirred in the pillow stuffing machine. Then, step on the footswitch to fill the stuffing into the filled product shell with the impulse of the gas to complete the filling process.

Parameter of SL-5A0 fiber filling machine

Air pressure0.6-0.8Mpa

Installation and operation instructions

How to connect it to power supply and air source?

External power supply: when the motor power supply is 380V, the external connection is three-terminal wiring. In case of reversal, it is needed to exchange any left and right phase line with the middle line, and counterclockwise rotation is normal steering. If the control power supply is 220V, the external connection is two terminal wirings.

External air source: connect the air source pipe of the air compressor to the air inlet of the filter regulator of the machine. Pay attention to checking the pressure gauge. The normal use pressure value is 0.4-1.2MPa, and the maximum pressure value does not exceed 1.5MPa.

How to operate cotton filling machine?

Fiber filling machines in factory
Fiber Filling Machines In Factory
  1. Turn on the motor start button; The foot switch controls the cotton feeding; The frequency converter adjusts the wind speed.
  2. In case of reverse rotation, the fiber filling machine has insufficient wind power. Reconnect the power supply according to the proper method;
  3. Control the foot switch, keep the rated air pressure at 1.2MPa and the working air pressure at about 0.6MPa. The reference value of air compressor power is 0.75kw-5.5kw and exhaust volume is 0.3-1.2m³/min;
  4. For filling long fiber and broken sponge, please select large-diameter cotton outlet pipe. Another worker shall master the cotton suction pipe and cooperate with the cotton filling operator.
  5. When the cotton has been sent to the opening of the pillow core by wind, but the gram weight and plumpness have not met the requirements, the cotton fiber filled in the pillow core can be pushed and compacted by using the cotton outlet pipe to make room for continued cotton filling to plumpness;
  6. If other faults cannot be solved, please contact professional technicians in time. Do not disassemble and repair without authorization.

Fiber opening machine

The cotton filling machine can be used with a fiber opening machine. The fiber opening and filling can be completed at one time. The filling speed is fast and the operation is simple. It can be completed by one or two people. Just put the raw cotton on the conveyor belt, the cotton can be automatically sent into the machine to ensure the safety of operators, and the filled products are fluffy, elastic, and with a smooth appearance. Moreover, the production of products with the same fluffy effect reduces the amount of cotton and saves material costs. The utility model avoids the disadvantages that the cotton filled by the machine forms granules and increases in the consumption of the amount of cotton.


Specification of cotton opening and filling integrated machine


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