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Complete pillow making machines including the fiber cutting machine, cotton fibre carding machine, pillow filling machine, etc. The primary function of the cotton fiber filling plant is to make all kinds of pillows, dolls, and toys. The pillow filling machine is the main automatic filling machine in the pillows processing plant. Shuliy factory can provide customized cotton & fiber filling solutions according to customers’ needs.

Currently, the Shuliy factory has exported pillow making machines to customers in more than 35 countries and regions. Shuliy factory has exported high-quality pillow filling manufacturing machines to more than 35 countries and regions, such as the USA, Canada, Argentina, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, Croatia, France, UK, Serbia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Uganda, etc.

Complete cotton pillow filling plant supplier
complete cotton pillow filling plant supplier

Which fibre is used for filling pillows?

Pillow stuffing is usually PP cotton, pearl cotton, microfiber, cotton, silk offcuts, foam particles, buckwheat hulls, tea leaves end, feather core, and so on. The most common fibers used to fill pillows on the market today are PP cotton and pearl ball fiber.

What can the cotton fiber filling plant do?

In fact, the automatic fiber filling plant is not only used for processing pillows. The line can also be used to produce various sizes of cotton-filled toys and dolls, and customers can change the fiber stuffing molds to process a variety of different products. At present, the pillow processing line provided by our factory is mostly used in sofa processing factories, bedding factories, toy factories, home textile factories, garment factories, etc.

Small cotton fiber filling plant with pillow making machine

The main equipment of this small cotton pillow filling line consists of an automatic cotton carding machine, a pillow filling machine, and an electronic weighing table. This small pillow making machine has a processing capacity of 120kg to 150kg per hour. Of course, we can also customize the filling line according to the customer’s specific processing needs.

The small polyester fibre opening and pillow filling plant is mainly used for carding and automatic filling of various types of cotton fibre, doll cotton, and various short fibers (such as wool, staple polyester, etc.).

Small cotton pillow filling plant
small cotton pillow filling plant

Parameters of small pillow stuffing plant

small pillow making machine parameters

Automatic pillow manufacturing machine video

Medium-size pillow filling plant

This medium-sized cotton pillow processing line is designed to add a separate pneumatic unit and a double-port filling system to the small pillow filling plant. In addition, in order to make the contents of the filled pillow more uniform, the automatic fiber filling line is equipped with an automatic flapping table at the weighing stage, which is used to beat the filling fibers in the pillow evenly.

In addition, the fiber filling machine is equipped with a precise electronic control device and two filling ports, which can precisely control the filling amount of short fibers with an error of ±10%.

Medium-size fiber filling plant
medium-size fiber filling plant

Pillow making machine parameters

Air pressure0.6-0.8Mpa0.6-0.8Mpa0.6-0.8Mpa

Large cotton cushion filling machine video

How is the pillow making machine price?

The price of a pillow filling machine usually varies depending on its model and configuration. When a customer asks us about cotton fiber filling equipment, our Shuliy factory will formulate a suitable processing plan for the customer according to the customer’s raw materials and the finished product size. We can also customize special equipment according to customer’s pillow processing needs. As for the pillow making machine price, we can guarantee that it must be the most cost-effective.

Can this cotton fiber filling plant make doll toys?

The processing principle of doll toys and pillows is the same. Therefore, the cotton fiber filling plant can also be used to process all kinds of stuffed toys, sofa pillows, dolls, etc. However, the pillow making machine cannot be directly used to process dolls. This is because dolls and toys come in various shapes and sizes, and the amount of cotton filling must be controlled when filling with cotton fibers. This requires us to change the filling diameter of the pillow maker and set a different automatic cotton filling amount.

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