Small Fiber Opener Machine Exported to Indonesia

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Fiber opener machine is a common equipment for recycling waste fabric fibers, which can loosen fiber blocks and remove impurities from cotton fibers. Our factory recently exported a small fiber bulking machine to Indonesia. The Indonesian customer recycles a large amount of clothing using a fiber recycling facility.

Why choose small fiber opener for Indonesia plant?

The Indonesian client has a small local clothing recycling plant. His factory can recycle a large number of waste clothes and process them into renewable fibers through the processes of clothes crushing, fabric fiber stripping and impurity removal.

Then, the customer sells different types of semi-finished fibers obtained after processing to various fabric processing plants to make different types of fabric products, such as carpets, cleaning wipes, etc.

Applications of fiber wastes recycling machine
applications of fiber wastes recycling machine

The Indonesian customer’s factory has been operating continuously for 3 years, and his fiber recycling equipment has been damaged to a certain extent due to prolonged use. Especially the fabric fiber opener machine is almost out of use, which seriously affects the processing efficiency of the factory.

Therefore, the customer decided to buy a new fiber opener machine to replace the original old machine. He saw the working video of the machine we posted on YouTube and was very satisfied with the working effect of the machine, so he immediately contacted us.

How is the textile fiber opener machine price?

The fabric fiber opening machine is generally composed of a pair of feeding rollers or feeding rollers and an opening cylinder. The opening cylinder is equipped with brad nails or combs or card clothing. In order to open more thoroughly, some are also equipped with different rolls such as work rolls and stripping rolls on the cylinder.

Different structures make the opening effect, mixing effect and impurity removal effect of the opening equipment have obvious differences, and their prices are also very different. Therefore, different forms of fiber opening equipment should be used in production lines with different requirements.

Our factory can recommend suitable textile fiber openers for customers according to their processing raw materials. The opened fibers can be re-entered into the carding machine for processing.