How to use the fiber pillow filling machine correctly?

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The fiber pillow filling machine is a device that integrates cotton opening and filling. It can fill PP cotton and other fillers into plush toys, sofa cushions, pillows, or pillow core leather shells. Commercial pillow filling machines are generally suitable for industries such as plush toys, home textiles, furniture, and clothing. In the daily use process, it is necessary to operate according to the regulations to make the fiber pillow filling machine more efficient and avoid failures.

Pillow filling
pillow filling

What should be paid attention to when installing pillow filling machines?

  1. Need to choose a dry and ventilated environment on the pillow filling machine for horizontal installation.
  2. First, install the components of the air circuit on both sides of the machine: air pump outlet – regulator – foot air valve switch – main engine cotton filling air nozzle.
  3. Install the nozzle of the machine according to the type and size of the stuffed material.
  4. After the installation of the fiber pillow filling machine, try to turn on the power and observe whether the direction of steering in the glass mirror is indicated.
  5. After the steering is adjusted for feeding operation, check whether the machine has an abnormal sound. If the machine is found to have problems, the power should be cut off first, and only after troubleshooting, can the machine be restarted.
  6. Set the air inlet pressure according to the air pump manual of the pillow filling machine.
Cotton carding & filling machine
cotton carding & filling machine

Methods to operate fiber pillow filling machine

First of all, before the cotton filling machine starts, it should check whether there are debris and other items on the machine’s mechanical conveyor belt and clean it in time. Lubricate each gear and sprocket and bearing inside the machine every week. Before starting the machine, start the extractor fan first.

After checking that the extractor fan does play the role of air extraction, the machine switch box of the green start button is pressed. After the machine starts without any abnormality, turn the reverse switch to the start position and make sure the forward direction of the feeding belt should be towards the inside of the machine.

If the opposite is true, press the red stop button and report to the mechanic to adjust to the correct feeding direction.