Used clothes cutting machine for sale

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Recycling old clothes has been strongly advocated. Used clothes cutting machine is a kind of special machine for all kinds of fabric cutting, can be uniform, efficient to cut the waste clothes, is also an essential machine in clothing recycling processing.

What should I do with the used clothes

Recycled clothes are usually disposed of in one of two ways. One is that the clothes are in good condition, without obvious defects or damage, and they can be donated. The other is that clothes can not be worn. This kind of clothes needs to cut off with specially used clothes cutting machine then take recycled further.

Scrap clothes that can't be worn
Scrap Clothes That Can’T Be Worn

In an era that advocates resource reuse, the recycling of used clothes also practice this principle. Which can greatly reduce the environmental pollution caused by burning clothes and the burden of the clothing manufacturing industry.

The introduction of waste clothing cutter

This kind of clothing fiber cutting machine mainly composed of three parts. Namely: feeding transmission device, cutting device, and discharging transmission device.

Clothing fiber cutting machine
Clothing Fiber Cutting Machine

The cutting device contains two fixed knives and four moving knives. Through the driving effect of the adjustable motor, the blade rotates. When the clothing passes through the running device, the running blade will cut off it, so as to achieve the cutting effect.

Used clothes cutting machine for sale

Shuliy machinery and equipment co., LTD. Main fields of machinery and equipment, mainly including different kinds of environmental protection machinery. Fiber cutting machines as environmental protection recycling machinery in the textile industry in the highest utilization rate of one. It is also one of the main mechanical products of our company.

Shuliy company
Shuliy Company

In order to ensure the normal operation of the machine. Customers in the daily use of the process also need to carry out proper maintenance of the machine. Which can effectively extend the service life of the cutting machine.

In addition, the blade of this machine is made of high-quality wear-resistant material. Which will show excellent cutting effect no matter cutting any fiber made of material. However, the customer is important to note that no matter how high the quality of the blade after constant use and wear, the blade will become dull. And, therefore, we suggest the customer can also equip with a knife sharpener.

A detailed picture of the blade
A Detailed Picture Of The Blade

In this way, the cutting blade will not only become sharper but also directly improve the cutting line efficiency of the waste clothing cutting machine.

In recent years, due to the overwhelming clothing recycling industry. Our factory’s stock of clothing cutting machine often appears in short supply. In order to avoid this kind of circumstance happening again, now our machine manufacturing factory has prepared a sufficient supply of goods. As long as the customer determine a partnership with our company. We will soon carry out the machine packaging and shipment.