Which cutting machine is best for fabric?

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Fabrics are generally made of yarns that are intersected, wound, or joined in various ways. That is when many yarns join together to form a stable relationship to form a fabric. Different fabrics differ in many aspects such as texture, material, and hardness. If you want to realize the reuse of fabrics, what kind of cutting machine is the best for the fabric?

Different methods of recycling and reuse of fabrics

The sources of waste fabrics mainly include two categories. One is the residual cloth from the chemical fiber factory, the cut-off material from garment processing, and all kinds of waste in the fabric production process; The other is waste clothes, bedding, and so on. With the continuous progress of society and science and technology, the production of these two waste fabrics is also growing rapidly.

A lot of old fabric
A Lot Of Old Fabric

At present, the methods of fabric recycling are mainly divided into energy recycling, mechanical recycling, physical recycling, and chemical recycling.

  • Energy recovery is mainly through burning the fabric to make it into heat. This method is the most simple and easy to operate, but the pollution to the environment is very large;
  • Mechanical recycling is to directly process the fabric into yarn. Or directly waste fabric cloth after simple processing, made into a mop, cloth, and other items;
  • Physical recycling is the fabric after a certain amount of mechanical processing so that it has the value of reuse, often used in a single component of natural fiber or synthetic fiber. This method is relatively simple to operate, less pollution to the environment;
  • Chemical recovery is to depolymerize the high polymer in the textile to get monomers. And then use the monomers to make new chemical fibers. This method has the highest utilization rate of the fabric, but it is more difficult to recycle those fabrics with different components.

The most common fabric cutting method

The most widely used of the above methods are mechanical and physical recycling. This method of fabric recycling usually starts with cutting the fabric and cutting the original fabric of different shapes and sizes into uniform pieces, completing the first step of fabric recycling processing.

The fabric after cutting
The Fabric After Cutting

Although different fabrics are not woven in the same way, because recycling of fabrics on the cutting trend is not a too big requirement. So in the unified treatment of all different fabrics, do not pay attention to the fabric material, just to complete the normal cutting can be.

A machine dedicated to fabric cutting

Fiber cutting machine has been widely used in the industrial field of fabric cutting. This machine adopts the combination of moving knives and fixed knives. Which can finish the fabric cutting in a short time.

Fabric cutting machine
Fabric Cutting Machine

Since entering the market, this fiber cutter has been favored by most textile manufacturers because of its characteristics of both simple operations and wide cutting range.

Benefits of cutters for fabric recycling

The fabric cutter plays a key role in the process of fabric recycling. It can cut more accurately and efficiently than cutting by hand. Compared with the laser precision cutting machine, this can ensure the cutting effect of the fabric at the same time, more cost-saving.

Therefore, if you want to start a new business of fabric recycling. This kind of fabric cutter is the best choice.

Our client is from indonesia
Our Client Is From Indonesia

In addition to the machine itself, the fabric after cutting will also get a greater use-value. This fabric fragments through the opening machine and the processing of the cleaning machine. Can be made into cotton felt, filling, and other items, to maximize the realization of the reuse of fabric.