What is textile waste recycling?

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Textile waste recycling is a more common step in the textile industry at present. Textile waste usually refers to the scraps produced in the textile production process, as well as some textiles that do not meet the production standards. In addition, the waste clothes produced in people’s daily life are also a kind of textile waste.

Importance of textile waste recycling

With the improvement of people’s living consumption level, the use cycle of textiles is also getting shorter and shorter. And the recycling, processing, and utilization of waste textiles have reached the point that can not be ignored.

Waste textile fibre
Textile Waste

Textile waste recycling and reuse is a resource-rich, less investment, significant benefits of the emerging industry, it can not only alleviate the current situation of the textile industry resource shortage but also can reduce the textile waste pollution to the environment, has great economic and social benefits.

How to realize textile waste recycling?

After collected the textile waste, then it will transport to a special processing site for processing. Usually, textile waste recycling needs three steps to achieve.

Fabric cutting machine
Fiber Cutter
  • First, the textile waste needs to cut into evenly sized fragments by a fiber cutter, in order to facilitate further processing of the textile.
  • The uniform rags are then fed into an opening machine, which cleans and loosens the fabric.
  • After the opening and loosening machine, the textile waste has completed the preliminary decomposition of the fabric fiber, and the cleaning machine has carried out in-depth expansion and dispersal, and finally, through the processing of multiple rollers, the reprocessing of the fabric waste has been completed.

What can be done with recycled textile waste

Recycled cotton
Recycled Cotton

The textiles after the above opening and loosening treatment can be made into felt and other daily necessities that can be reused. And some of them can also prevent the waste from being re-disperse into textile fibers. Which can re-process into textiles to maximize the realization of recycled and utilization.

Video show of textile recycling cut off

Used clothes/Fiber cutting machine/cutter