What is the paper waste cutting machine?

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In fact, paper divided into original paper and recycled paper. The raw material of the original paper is wood. The amount of wood consumed in the production of paper all over the world every year is quite amazing. The paper waste cutting machine is very widely used cutting equipment. For waste paper, its recycling process will basically have cutting steps, therefore, this cutter in paper recycling is essential.

Why do we recycle waste paper?

At present, all countries in the world attach great importance to the recycling of waste paper. For example, Japan’s national recycling rate of waste paper is more than 50%, Germany is as high as 83%, and the United States is the big country that uses waste paper and exports waste paper.
It is understood that in addition to the main part of the waste paper in the United States, waste newspaper into the paper mill to make recycled pulp. But also developed two new uses of higher use value: with waste newspaper to improve soil, feed production, have achieved success.

Recycled paper
Recycled Paper

Recycling waste paper, not only reduces the amount of garbage in the city but also reduces the amount of deforestation, reduces the production cost and price of paper. Which can be said to kill many birds with one stone.

How to dispose of waste paper after recycling?

Waste paper mixed with water in a beater to form a paste-like pulp. Injecting air into the pulp causes the ink to attach to air bubbles and float on the surface of the pulp, allowing the ink to remove from the pulp easily.

Paper pulp
Paper Pulp

Then, the water in the paper pulp discharged by the press, and the paper pulp cut by the paper waste cutting machine. Then the paper pulp bleached by the decolorizing agent containing peroxide. And rinse the paper pulp in clean water. Finally, the paper pulp is plastic formed by adding a chemical wet strength agent in the paper pulp.

Indispensable paper waste cutting machine

Now there are many kinds of paper waste cutting machines on the market. One of them called fiber cutting machine equipment, this equipment can cut the vast majority of fiber materials. Of course, including paper fiber.

Large fiber cutting machine
Multifunctional Waste Paper Fiber Cutting Machine

In the process of waste paper recycling, cutting is an indispensable step, so such a multifunctional waste paper fiber cutting machine must also be the best processing equipment in the recycling line.

Advantages of paper waste cutting machine

  • Automated cutting, improve the safety of operation, avoid the potential danger of manual operation to workers.
  • Cutting efficiency and high quality, and can also adjust cutting width according to the actual demand.
  • Semi-automatic machine, easy to operate, a machine only one operator can be.
Textile fiber cutting machine
Fiber cutting machine