Why is fabric waste a problem?

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Fabric waste is an unavoidable waste in people’s daily production activities. The biggest reason for it is the rapid development of the clothing industry. The relationship between the two is complimentary. And the continuous production of textile waste has gradually become a social problem.

How is fabric waste produced?

Fabric waste mainly refers to the short fiber, useless yarn, yarn return, scraps, and so on produced in the process of cloth production, as well as used textile clothing.

A lot of old fabric
A Lot Of Old Fabric

It mainly comes from two aspects: one is from the production enterprises, manufacturers in the spinning, weaving, and finished product production and processing of each process will produce a variety of useless material. On the other hand, there are textiles from everyday life, such as old clothes, bedding, towels, carpets, and so on.

How to recycle fabric waste?

Recycling and classification of fabric are very important for effective reprocessing.

Sort out the old clothes
Sort Out The Old Clothes

Therefore, when recycling these materials, we should pay special attention to their classification and recycling. Fabrics of different quality and raw materials need to be sorted and treated. After classifying them, they can be classified and packaged, which is more convenient for the subsequent recycling of fabrics.

What to do with recycled textile waste?

As a manufacturer specializing in textile recycling, usually, they will be recycled packaging waste fabric first for shear processing. At the same time, different types of fiber cutting machine are necessary to cut off the tool, the operator simply places the material; on the feed conveyor belt, it will quickly be transported to a cutting device, and uniform shred, the entire operating process takes short, shearing efficiency is also high, is the ideal cloth shredding equipment of waste.

Clothing fiber cutting machine
Cloth Shredding Equipment Of Waste

Benefits of fabric recycling

The former textile waste usually disposed of by landfill, which will cause irreversible harm to the soil and ecological environment. And eventually, this harm will gradually come out and greatly affect the survival of human beings.

On the other hand, the incineration of fabric waste will also cause harm to air quality. Therefore, the recycling of fabric waste is the most worthy of promotion at present. It will not only achieve zero pollution to the environment but also realize the recycling of resources.