Widely used glass fiber waste cutting machine

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Glass fiber is a kind of inorganic non-metallic material with excellent performance. Which has the advantages of good insulation, heat resistance, good corrosion resistance, and high mechanical strength. It is widely used in many fields such as composite materials, insulation and heat preservation materials, electric roadbed board, and so on. But waste fiberglass can be difficult to dispose of, which requires the help of a glass fiber waste cutting machine.

The ubiquitous glass fibre

The use of glass fiber is almost everywhere in life, among which the application of glass fiber cloth can also be seen everywhere. For example, its application in the industrial field:

Glass fiber
Fiberglass Cloth
  • In the construction industry, fiberglass cloth often used in kitchens, fences, and decorative panels. Which not only make things look smart but also make them last longer.
  • In the petrochemical industry, we often use a glass fiber cloth to make pipes, storage tanks to store strong acid and strong alkali substances, which is also the application of glass fiber chemical properties of stable characteristics.
  • Fiberglass cloth also used by some manufacturers to produce tennis rackets, swimming pools, and so on.

How to recycle fiberglass?

Waste glass fiber often disposed of by burial, but this operation will cause serious pollution to the land. With the development of science and technology, the method of remelting waste glass fiber and making a new batch of glass fiber is often adopted now. The specific operation steps include cleaning, crushing, cleaning, drying, and other processes. And the waste glass fiber remelted to generate new glass fiber materials.

Operating procedure of glass fiber waste cutting machine

In the above steps, the shattering of the glass fiber processing mainly composed of a kind method of fiber cutter. Glass fiber manually placed on the machine into the material of the conveyor belt firstly. Start the cutting machine, then the cutting device can accurately fast cutting the filaments. Operators need to will collect devices arranged in advance.

After cutting the glass fiber
In addition, if the size of the finished product is very small, then it is necessary to configure the fan for auxiliary collection. Through the suction of the fan, the fine fiber material will be sent to the collection bag.

Glass fiber waste cutting machine with a wide range of applications

In addition to glass fiber cutting, this fiber cutting machine can cut any fiber products, including clothing, paper fiber, and so on, its wide use makes it in the field of waste recycling occupies a very important position.

The fabric after cutting
The Fabric After Cutting

Working video of the multi-function fiberglass cutting machine

Working video of the fiber cutting machine

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