Can cloth be recycled?

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Textile is one of the most polluting industries on the planet. According to rough estimates, the textile industry accounts for at least 10 percent of global carbon emissions and 20 percent of industrial water pollution. And fast fashion, often seen as the least environmentally friendly part of the world, is now contributing more to climate change than sea and air travel combined, so the need for cloth recycled looms large.

The spread of fast fashion has led to a rapid increase in cloth consumption

According to statistics, in the past 30 years, fast fashion has brought huge wealth to the clothing industry. The fashion industry has grown from a $500 billion business to an annual $2.4 trillion. This amazing growth rate is precisely due to the rapid consumption of low-cost fashion products by consumers.

Huge piles of old clothes have piled up
Huge Piles Of Old Clothes Have Piled Up

Forbes estimates that within a year of purchase, more than half of all fast-fashion products are discarded by consumers, and the vast majority of the cloth ends up in landfills. But in fact, 95 percent of the cloth that people throw away is actually recyclable.

H&M’s approach to clothing recycling

H&M was ahead of the thing when it came to cloth recycled. The H&M Group had it all in mind long before sustainability became a hot topic in the market today.

H&m's approach to clothing recycling
H&M’S Approach To Clothing Recycling

H&M is the first fashion company in the world to implement a used cloth recycled program. In the spring of 2013, the brand has implemented a used clothing recycling program in all markets. After entering each new market, the brand will implement the used clothing recycling program within the first year.

The cloth can be recycled

After old cloth recycled through professional processing is possible to use it again. Usually, the recycled cloth will open again after cutting and processing, the shearing step requires by the cloth recycling industry in the more common fiber cutting machine to complete. After again by opening machine and cleaning machine to complete for cloth products deep processing.

Clothing fiber cutting machine
Clothing Fiber Cutting Machine

How to do cloth recycling well

In order to do a good job of cloth recycled, one of the most important issues is to do a good job of clothing recycled to popularize the public. So that people are aware of the burden of improper fabric disposal on the environment so that people have the awareness of clothing recycling.

Secondly, after the cloth is recycled, the recyclers also need to carry out the proper recycling treatment. Only in this way can cloth recycling be maximized.

Scrap clothes that can't be worn
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