Do you know about the jeans waste recycling machine?

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Jeans waste recycling machine is special equipment for jeans fabric recycling. As a representative of fashion, jeans are also very common in life. With the increasing enthusiasm of people for fashion, jeans waste production also increases, and these wastes should also be properly recycled.

What to do with used jeans?

Generally speaking, people mainly divide the disposal of waste clothes into two categories: one is to discard them directly, the other is to hand them over to professional clothing recycling institutions.

Creative products made of jeans
Creative Products Made Of Jeans

Compared with other clothes and fabrics, waste jeans have a higher utilization value. Some consumers will carry out creative reprocessing of used fabrics by themselves so that they can become a kind of decoration or daily necessities with practical value.
However, the above situation is still relatively small, and most of the used jeans will still be discarded.

Recycling jeans scrap

The recycled jeans will go through a series of reprocessing to decompose them into fibers, thus having the value of reuse.

Rags of jeans that have been cut
Rags Of Jeans That Have Been Cut

First of all, due to the characteristics of denim itself, denim is very strong and difficult to cut cloth. After the centralized recycling, the first treatment of jeans waste is to carry out preliminary cutting. But manual cutting is not only time-consuming and laborious but also has hidden dangers to the safety of workers themselves. Therefore, special cutting machines are needed to cut off processing.

An introduction to the jeans waste recycling machine

Jeans waste cutting machine
Jeans Waste Cutting Machine

Jeans waste cutting machine can quickly in a short time be evenly cut with a high density of jeans. And the cutting machine in addition to can handle the jeans, most of the other fabric can be cut processing. Both the effect of cutting and cutting speed is can meet the processing needs of daily.

These jeans waste cutting recycling machine is mainly composed of a feeding and discharging conveyor belt and cutting device, easy to operate, easy to maintain.

The benefits of jeans waste recycling

Correct recycling and processing of used jeans clothes can not only minimize the waste of textiles but also greatly reduce our demand for new resources, so as to greatly reduce and alleviate the pollution of used textiles to the environment. At the same time, it can also call on more people to join the list of clothing recycling.

Recycling denim fabric
Recycling Denim Fabric