How can I start a textile waste recycling business?

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In recent years, the textile waste recycling business has attracted more and more attention. The strong advocacy of recycling can not only turn waste into treasure but also greatly alleviate the pollution of the environment. So if we want to start a textile waste recycling business, how should we do it?

How is textile waste generated?

Source of textile waste with very extensive. Including from the garment factory and other kinds of waste material of the horn side fabric manufacturers in people’s daily life, discarded old clothes, old cloth articles for daily use such as sofa cover, bedsheets, etc. These ubiquitous textiles, on a global scale every day there are a large number of textile waste.

A lot of old fabric
A Lot Of Waste Textile

What should prepare to start a textile waste recycling business?

To start a new textile recycling business. The first thing to do is to make a certain analysis of the market. Such as how the local residents deal with the useless textiles, how to do a good job in the recycling and packaging of textiles.

Secondly, it is necessary to prepare the machines needed for recycling and processing. Such as fiber cutting machines, fiber loosening machines, and so on. High-quality recycling and processing machines can maximize processing efficiency. And the processed textile materials can also realize their maximum utilization value.

Large fiber cutting machine
Large Fiber Cutting Machine

Steps of textile waste recovery and processing

After the waste materials are collected and concentrated, they need to be processed by the recycling machine.

First, all materials will be cut off by the fiber cutting machine. Whether it is clothing or any other fabric. After the processing of this fabric cutting machine, it will be changed into strips of uniform width.

Rags of jeans that have been cut
Cloth That Is Evenly Cut

Then send the uniformly cut cloth to the fiber opening and loosening machine to decompose and organize the fabric fiber again. And the final finished product will have the value of re-use.

Operation of textile waste recycling business

After the preparation and processing are complete, the long-term operation of the business needs to be properly planned.

First of all, it is necessary to determine the recycling way of textile waste. We can seek for local specialized recycling institutions to cooperate, and we can also strengthen publicity efforts to let more people know about this recycling project.

In addition, it is also necessary to sell the processed textiles to appropriate places to achieve the best use value and maximize the reuse of waste fabrics.

Clothing recycling industry
Clothing Recycling Industry

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