How can we recycle waste clothes?

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With the significant increase in clothing production, the amount of waste also increases. And its rapid growth has caused great harm to the natural environment. Recycle of waste clothes is also an industry in urgent need of rapid development at present. So for the recycling of clothing, how should we operate?

The influence of waste clothes on the living environment

Discarded clothing becomes solid waste, and incomplete statistics show that the fashion industry currently accounts for 10 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. With textile production alone releasing an estimated 1.2 billion tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere each year.
The fashion industry is also responsible for 20 percent of the world’s wastewater, due to processes such as using water for cleaning or dyeing. All of these have a subtle impact on people’s daily living environment.

Old clothes that have been discarded
Old Clothes That Have Been Discarded

How to recycle waste clothes?

Non-repeatable in textiles accounted for about 40%. About some of the strong water imbibition of textiles will be chopped, decomposition and repackaging. The switch to clean cloth products, such as other textiles will enter another link, will break refactoring. Fiber through circulation processing, become the textile fiber, often this to smash refactoring step will involve fiber cutting machine and opening machine; Or used in the automotive industry, making damping and insulation products.

Textile fiber cutting machine
Textile Fiber Cutting Machine
Fiber opener and cleaner
Fiber Opener And Cleaner

Metal buttons, zippers, and other accessories that cannot be digested in these processes will be collected automatically and passed on to other recycling companies. Clothing that cannot be worn, reused, or recycled can be used to produce energy.

Recycling industry development of used clothes

In fact, the recycling of waste clothes difficult challenges exists in the global scope. But the development prospect of this industry is immeasurable. Face vigorously promote resource recycling society nowadays, waste clothes and recycling has been more and more people have paid great attention. Therefore, as long as the garment industry, clothes recycling industry will never is indispensable.

How to promote the recycling of waste clothes

Recycle of waste clothes is not promoting in some countries. So some people do not realize what the real purpose of this recycling measure is.

Waste textile recycling
Waste Textile Recycling

To do a good job in promoting fabric recycling, we should first start with the clothing industry. So that consumers have the awareness of recycling waste clothes from the beginning of buying clothes. Which will be a better help for the recycling of clothes in the later period.