The best recycling line of textile and cotton waste

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Disused cotton is produced in everyone’s daily life. And with the promotion of resource recycling, the waste textile and cotton has an effective way to recycle and process. Next, we will have a deeper understanding of the cotton waste recycling line.

How is waste cotton produced

There are many ways to produce cotton waste, which is closely related to our life. A large part of which includes our daily discarded clothes, quilts, carpets, and other articles of daily use.

Recycled clothing
Recycled Clothing

At present, the world’s textile industry is facing two major problems: firstly, the rapid development of the world economy and science and technology and the rapid growth of the world population. So that the textile application field rapidly expanded, which leads to the textile consumption rising;

On the other hand, with the increase of textile consumption, the use cycle of textiles is shortening. This also makes the recycling of waste textiles become a difficult problem. Most waste cotton materials buried or burned as garbage, which not only causes irreversible harm to the environment but also causes a great waste of resources.

Introduction of waste cotton recycling line

The waste cotton recycling line is the production line that carries on the secondary processing to the waste cotton which has no use-value so as to make these cotton waste have the regeneration value.

Recycling and reuse of waste cotton can not only save a lot of textile raw materials but also appropriately reduce the environmental pollution of the textile industry. In recent years, the recycling rate of waste cotton in more and more countries is also on the rise.

Textile fiber cutting machine
Textile Fiber Cutting Machine
Fiber opener and cleaner
Fiber Opener And Cleaner

There is three main processing equipment for the waste cotton recycling line. Including the fiber cutting machine, opening machine, and cleaning machine.

These machines cut off, loosen, clean, and mix the cotton material respectively. And finally realize the reprocessing of waste cotton material, so that the cotton material has the value of reuse.

Advantages of cotton waste recycling line

  • Mechanical equipment after continuous improvement, the failure rate is small;
  • Provide customized services, which can be combined with the actual processing budget, site, and other aspects. To provide the best operation plan for customers;
  • The machine structure composition is simple, more convenient for the operator’s overhaul and maintenance;
  • It conforms to the concept of resource recycling and meets the current development trend of fabric recycling.

The services we can provide

  • Pre-sale: we have a professional consultant who will understand the needs of each customer in detail, and send the most detailed recycling machine information to customers, in order to let customers have a more comprehensive understanding of the fabric processing machine.
  • On sale: send the packing and shipping of the textile recycling machine to the customer in real-time.
  • After-sales: we will provide a detailed machine installation video, if the recycling line in the use of any technical problems, we will also have professional installation personnel to do technical guidance and solve the problem.