What should you know about a cotton waste recycling machine?

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The cotton waste recycling machine (also known as a textile recycling machine) is professional equipment that loosens the compressed and entangled waste fiber materials and removes impurities. The cotton waste cleaning machine can be used to process various fiber raw materials for spinning, such as raw cotton, wool, chemical staple fibers, cotton, hemp, polyester, rags, clothing scraps, cotton, textiles, etc. The waste fiber cleaning machine processes the raw materials into recycled cotton, open cotton, garbage cotton, etc., which can be transported to the textile processing factories in the form of bales.

Why use a cotton waste cleaning machine?

In order to spin high-quality spun yarn, the raw fiber materials need to be loosened first, various impurities should be removed, and uniform mixing should be carried out. The opening quality of fiber raw materials has an important impact on the quality of semi-finished products and yarns, as well as saving materials. With the development of the machine spinning industry, more raw material reserves are required, and the transportation volume of the raw materials is required to be reduced, so the loose fiber raw materials are bundled into bales with a textile baling machine. Thus, a cotton waste recycling machine becomes a piece of the necessary equipment in the related industries.

Final product
Final Product

Cotton waste recycling machine features

1. High strength, compact and reasonable structure. The waste fiber cleaning machine is equipped with high-strength metal teeth for opening, and the opening and cleaning effect is excellent.

2. The transmission parts are all rotated by bearings, with a low failure rate, and stable and reliable performance.

3. In the application of the sawtooth roller, the raw material does not need to be cut off. It can be directly fed. The processing capacity is large.

4. The matching cotton feeding fan can directly drive the opened cotton into the cotton machine silo.

How does the waste fiber cleaning machine work?

A fully automatic cotton waste recycling machine is a device that uses the centrifugal force generated by the high-speed operation of the licker-in to remove impurities in the cotton and extract pure cotton fibers. A fully automatic waste fiber recycling machine is equipped with a fan and a dust removal system, which improves the environmental sanitation of the workplace, and is suitable for processing all levels of lint, short-staple, broken seed cotton, and leftovers.

The cotton waste cleaning machine loosens the large tangled fibers into small pieces or bundles by tearing them, and at the same time, it is accompanied by mixing and deblending during the loosening process. The machine is generally composed of a pair of feeding rollers or feeding rollers and an opening cylinder. The opening cylinder is equipped with corner nails or comb needles or a beater, for thorough opening. It can also be equipped with working rollers and stripping rollers. Different structures make obvious differences in the opening effect, mixing effect and deblending effect, so different types of fiber recycling machines should be used for different requirements of production lines.

Cotton waste recycling machine
Cotton Waste Recycling Machine

Application and processing crafts

The cotton waste recycling machine is mainly used for loosening fiber, cotton, textile, and other materials. Due to the wide variety of spinning raw materials, fiber properties and impurities contained in different, and thus the process of raw material opening and loosening process is different. In cotton spinning, the opening of raw cotton is a separate process, which is carried out on the opening and clearing machine. In the original cotton open loosening at the same time, produce mixing, removing impurities, removing dust, and other additional roles. In the wool spinning, often the original wool opens with washing, wool drying, and other joints.

The opening quality of various fiber raw materials is mainly determined by the process of a waste fiber cleaning machine. Different raw materials should be used for different process principles. For example, cotton spinning in the processing of raw cotton, using the first loose after playing, more loose less return, early fall less broken process principles. Processing chemical staple fiber or medium-length fiber, because the chemical fiber raw materials are fluffy, does not contain impurities, only a small amount of fiber defects, so the use of more comb less beating, less exclude more recovery process principles. Packed too tight, containing water or too much miscellaneous raw materials, should generally be pretreated. A tight package of raw materials should be pre-opened, or first natural loosening. As for the raw materials with much water, they are needed to be dried, in order to improve the opening and cleaning effect of raw materials.