Waste cloth recycling plant in Indonesia

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In recent years, Indonesia is very worthy of learning from waste cloth recycling. And waste cloth recycling plant is widely used in the field of fabric recycling in Indonesia. This kind of recycling line can make the waste cloth go through a series of steps to process and recover the use-value.

Waste cloth recycling industry in Indonesia

Indonesia pays more attention to the recycling industry, especially the recycling of waste textiles.

Clothing recycling industry
Clothing Recycling Industry

The use of waste textiles is extremely wide, especially in the field of industrial textiles, its use is more extensive. Such as after opening, processing of the waste textile fiber, the fineness can reach more than 22mm, can be used to re-textile fabrics; Short fibers that do not meet this requirement can use as automobile materials, construction materials, and so on. In addition, the production of wall materials, cement reinforcement materials, fire dragon belt, and other industrial textiles, become the main way to consume waste textiles.

What does the waste cloth recycling plant contain?

Recycling waste cloth mainly includes the two main steps of cutting and loosening. The machines needed are fiber cutting machine, loosening machine and cleaning machine.

Textile fiber cutting machine
Textile Fiber Cutting Machine

The fiber cutting machine is mainly responsible for the cutting of waste cloth. It can cut the waste cloth evenly, and there will be no adhesion after cutting the cloth.

Fiber opener and cleaner
Fiber Opener And Cleaner

The opening machine and the cleaning machine are mainly responsible for the re-decomposition process of the fabric fibers. And the two machines usually used in combination, which can efficiently realize the reuse value of the fabric.

Our company’s high-quality waste cloth recycling plant

The waste cloth recycling plant sold by the company is made of high-quality raw materials. And the fiber cutting machine also divided into different models and sizes, which can meet the needs of customers of different recycling scales.

In addition, the machines manufactured by our factory can also customize according to the actual needs of customers. So that customers can achieve the best business value.

A deal with an Indonesian customer

This customer from Indonesia is an old customer of our company, and then we have reached a friendly cooperative relationship. At the same time, the customer is also very willing to give us feedback on the actual use of the machine.

Friendly cooperation with indonesian customers
Friendly Cooperation With Indonesian Customers

According to the actual feedback from customers, this waste cloth recycling line is very stable in the actual production and operation, and it is also very simple to operate. It only needs to carry out simple daily maintenance.