Which cutting machine is best for fabric?

Fabrics are generally made of yarns that are intersected, wound, or joined in various ways. That is when many yarns join together to form a stable relationship to form a fabric. Different fabrics differ in many aspects such as texture, material, and hardness.

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Daily maintenance of fiber opening and clearing machine

The fiber opening and clearing machines are special equipment for recycling and processing waste fabrics. The daily maintenance of the fiber opening and clearing machine also determines the long-term stable operation of the equipment, as well as the working efficiency of the machine. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the maintenance of the machine.

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Textile fiber

Learn more about the fiber opening machine

Opening machine is very important for the reuse of waste fabric, and its opening quality directly determines whether other links can proceed smoothly. So, we need to have a deep understanding of this machine, learn to judge it good or bad.

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Display of fiber cutter

Do you know anything about fiber cutters?

Fiber cutter is widely used in daily life, which is mainly used for the recycling of waste fabrics, and plays a pivotal role in the recycling process.
In addition, fiber cutting machine has a strong practical, can cut most of the fiber, and cutting quality is high, to provide us with great convenience.

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How to realize the waste textile recycling

In daily life, the frequency of changing textile clothing is relatively high, whether it is incinerated or buried, it will cause serious environmental pollution. At present, many developed countries textile clothing recycling rate of about 25%. It has become our common goal to improve the recycling efficiency of textile clothing, which is also of great benefit to the ecological and environmental protection.

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